» Meet Our Beckman Scholars

photo of Emma Kocik '22

Emma Kocik '22

Chapman's First Beckman Scholar
Kocik '22 fills a key gap in marine research with a project to test nanoparticles as a tool for restoring ecosystems. Kocik recently graduated and is applying to graduate programs.
photo of Benjamin Janda '23

Benjamin Janda '23

Chemistry major
Janda '23 is working towards developing more sustainable chemical processes. Working with Assistant Professor Allegra Liberman-Martin, Ph.D., he is investigating organic catalysts they hope will be more sustainable and cost-effective replacements for precious metals.
photo of Ishaan  Shah ' 23

Ishaan Shah ' 23

Chemistry major
Shah '23 has been working with Assistant Professor Jerry LaRue, Ph.D. since his first year, focusing on making hydrocarbon-based fuels more energy-efficient. Now Shah looks forward to advancing his own photochemistry research to address symptoms of severe asthma, a health concern he has lived with for seven years.