» Wilkinson College Dean's Executive Council

The mission of the Dean’s Executive Council (DEC) is to provide support, advocacy, advice, and guidance for the Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at Chapman University.  The Council’s role is advisory to the College, Dean, Associate Deans, and the University Advancement office. They help the College in continuing development and advancement of its undergraduate and graduate programs. The Council serves as an advocacy group both on campus and off and assists in promoting a positive image and good relations for the College with the rest of the University and the region, state, and nation and in relating the students and faculty of the College to society at large.

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Past DEC Board Members

  • Alan Buckelew
  • John Copeland
  • Russell Evans
  • Frank Gutierrez
  • Nicole Hernandez
  • Jason Hiller
  • Kathi Jensen
  • Sinan Kanatsiz
  • Karl Karlsson
  • Jason Krotz
  • Erik Lakeman-Doesburg
  • Michael Saad
  • Gene Smith
  • Jeff Torkelson
  • Michael Traub
  • Kathy Ummel
  • Darryl & Celeste Woo

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Email Associate Dean Eric Chimenti to learn how to get involved!