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Chapman University’s Launch Labs is part of the Ralph W. Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics. 

The Vision of the center is to be a global center of distinction, a center of accomplishment, and a center of accountability, serving as the center of gravity for all things entrepreneurial at Chapman University. 

The Mission of the center is to produce business-ready citizens equipped with an entrepreneurial skill set through personalized education, training, and experience.

During their formation and growth, companies go through 5 phases:

  • Development – recognizing a problem, solution, customer value, and how you’ll make money
  • Startup – organizing your team and your finances
  • Survival – getting, keeping and growing cash
  • Rapid Growth – scaling up to meet the growing demand for your product or service
  • Maturity – when demand is tapering off and it’s time for a new feature, product, service, market, etc.

Launch Labs is an incubator for Teams in the Development and Startup phases, meaning your Team is pre-revenue (that is, has not yet earned revenue from your product or service). Progression through the other phases is facilitated by external business accelerator organizations to which you’ll be introduced.

Teams in the Launch Labs participate for a semester. Teams in the Launch Labs must be led by – and have a majority of team members comprised of -- Chapman University undergraduate or graduate students, faculty, staff or alumni from any Chapman University school or college, targeting any industry, at any stage including just having an idea for a product or service. Participants don’t need to be enrolled in the Entrepreneurship Minor or Emphasis programs, though it’s encouraged.

At no cost to you, Launch Labs offers you the following education, training and experience:

  • Startup Workshop – a one day weekend business bootcamp to ensure all participants understand business basics
  • Periodic formal reviews of your progress and participation
  • Advising by Chapman University faculty, staff and experienced students – providing general business guidance and moral support
  • Mentoring by business leaders – providing guidance specific to your industry, stage or business function
  • 24/7 controlled access to collaborative meeting rooms to meet with your Team, conduct market research, develop your product or service, and meet with advisors and mentors
  • Internet, coffee bar, and administrative supplies
  • Speaker series
  • Leadership and Team-building social events
  • Chapman University’s internal Keith Pham Business Plan Competition
  • Assistance in applying and preparing for external business plan competitions
  • Introduction to investors and business accelerators
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other Launch Labs Teams, other Chapman University business-related student organizations, Chapman University business-related research projects, Chapman Alumni Entrepreneur Network and other universities’ entrepreneur centers
  • Opportunities to support business-related civic events at the Launch Labs
  • Opportunities to support Launch Labs publicity events
  • Notification of business and networking events in the larger SoCal entrepreneur ecosystem (registration fees might be charged by the external organizers)
  • Opportunity to return as a Mentor, Speaker, Board member or member of the Chapman Alumni Entrepreneur Network

In exchange for the above, those admitted to the Launch Labs will sign a Participation Agreement committing to active involvement and progress through the Launch Lab programs.

Should you eventually form an actual company, Chapman University does not invest nor take an ownership stake.

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