» Award Letter Instructions: Fowler School of Law

All students should review the steps below to ensure timely disbursement of aid listed on the Financial Aid Award Letter.

  1. Please visit the Student Center to view your offered awards.
  2. Please accept on the Student Center all of the aid you wish to use for the current academic year. (Be sure to accept both terms if you will be attending Fall and Spring)
  3. If you would like to change the amount of any of your loans, please contact Graduate Financial Aid and indicate the award you would like to change and amount you would like it changed to.
  4. If you are borrowing a new loan, please be sure to complete the loan application process detailed below.

+ - Tuition Merit-Based Scholarships

Please review the JD Scholarship page for the terms and conditions for these scholarships.  LL.M. students should refer to their admit letter for the terms and conditions of their awarded scholarship.

+ - Federal Work Study

The Federal Work Study (FWS) Program provides eligible students an opportunity to earn money to help meet educational expenses.  A student does not automatically qualify for a job based upon FWS eligibility, but must be interviewed and selected. Job opportunities are posted in the Career Services Office and the Student Employment Office.  Work Study employment earnings are paid directly to the student, twice a month.  First year students have typically not been considered for FWS until after successful completion of the first semester.  Students wishing to decline their work study may be eligible to borrow more from the federal loan program.  Please contact the Graduate Financial Aid Office for more information.

+ - Federal Loans

To receive Federal Loans students may need to complete additional loan procedures.  Please follow the steps below to ensure that your loan funds are received in a timely manner.

New Federal Loan Borrowers

If you have not borrowed loans from Chapman University Fowler School of Law in the past or have a new type of loan you must complete additional requirements to receive your award. All applications and counseling can be completed via Student Loans.gov.  Please be sure to do the following:

1.  Complete Online Loan Entrance Counseling via the Student Center.

2.  Complete Master Promissory Note for the Stafford Loan and/or Graduate PLUS loan.

Returning Fowler School of Law Borrowers

Returning borrowers will be required to complete new Master Promissory Notes for any loan that required a cosigner.  In addition, if you are borrowing a loan type that you did not receive last year, you must complete a Master Promissory Note.  You can do so on the www.studentLoans.gov website.  If you have already completed the loan entrance counseling for your prior Stafford and Graduate PLUS Loans with Chapman, you are not required to complete them again.

For more information, visit our Loans page.

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