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Fowler Engineering takes representation seriously and seeks to lead campus-wide Diversity and Inclusion efforts

Our faculty work diligently to build respectful, accessible and inclusive environments that support learning and innovation for our entire student body. 

Our programs are designed to build global perspectives of how technology can transform lives for the better. Team-based approaches in an interdisciplinary setting produce engineers who are more sophisticated, compassionate and thoughtful. We prepare our students to produce audacious and innovative solutions in response to society’s grandest challenges, connecting to large scale issues and humble solutions.

Fowler is different - together we are stronger. We strive to ensure that all of our students have the support they need to confidently move forward and succeed. As we pursue and achieve that goal, our present and future will represent inclusivity and equitable change.

We want our present and future to represent inclusivity and equitable change. 

It's all possible - Fowler Professor works hard, inspires harder.

Rene German

Rene German’s path from Saddleback High to Santa Ana College to Chapman as a full-time instructor makes him a beacon for students from his neighborhood and beyond.

We're Here to Support You

Our Diversity and Inclusion page has more information on student support at Chapman.