Confronting Climate Change
Annual Public Policy Conference

» Fighting Climate Change: The Sixth Annual Public Policy Conference (Virtual and Free)

This event was originally presented on April 7, 2021 and featured four panel discussions with industry experts and leaders talking about real action and sustained progress on fighting climate change.

Below are the panel discussions recordings:

There are four unique panel discussions available. Attend one or all.

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This conference is made possible by a generous grant from Fieldstead and Company.

In California, support for fighting climate change is broad and urgent. Wildfires endanger our communities. The rising ocean is beginning to flood our coast. Shifting weather patterns threaten many of the natural wonders that put us on the map, from the sequoias of the Sierra to the snows of Shasta.

But Californians have struggled to translate our desire to stop or mitigate climate change into real action and sustained progress. And we have yet to consider all the ways that pursuing this fight will reshape our communities and regions—in economy, in culture, and especially in governance.

As the 51st  anniversary of Earth Day approaches, we gather to examine the details of climate change policy and raise broad questions. How can California and its communities make more progress in the fight, achieving not just reductions in greenhouse gases but profound improvements in how we live? What sort of governance reforms do we need locally, regionally, or statewide for this fight? Is the fight against climate distracting us from other problems—like poverty, housing and education—or can the fight help address other problems? And what could be the unintended consequences and challenges of fighting climate change for our governments?

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