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Assaf Gavron is a novelist and translator whose own works have been translated into German, Russian, Italian, French, English, Dutch, Greek, and Bulgarian. Among the many prizes he has won are the Israeli Prime Minister's Creative Award for Authors, the Israeli Geffen award, and the DAAD artists-in-Berlin fellowship in Germany. His fiction has been adapted for the stage for Israel's national theatre, and three of his novels were optioned for movies by Israeli and international film produces. He was the chief writer of the prize-winning computer game Peacemaker; and has contributed to numerous newspapers and magazines. He is also the singer and main songwriter of the cult pop group The Foot and Mouth.

Published works include the novels Ice, Moving, Almost Dead/CrocAttack, and Hydromania; and the short story collections Ototo and Sex in the Cemetery; and a non-fiction collection of Jerusalem falafel-joint reviews entitled Eating Standing Up.