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Shinnyo Fellowship Program

» Shinnyo Fellowship Program


The Shinnyo Fellowship is a paid 10-month fellowship for a recent or graduating Chapman senior.

The Center for Undergraduate Excellence has partnered with the Shinnyo-En Foundation to support recent Chapman University undergraduates in developing leadership and reflective skills and to initiate the Foundations' philosophy of peacebuilding through service at Chapman University and local community organizations.


Shinnyo-en Foundation logo

Infinite Paths to Peace

Infinite Paths to Peace is Shinnyo-en Foundation's "initiative to inspire people to reflect upon the individual contributions that each of us can make to create more harmony in an interconnected world."


+ - Deadlines and Important Dates

Shinnyo Fellowship Open Hours

  • Tuesday, March 12 @ 10-4 p.m at CUE House

Application Deadline

  • Thursday, April 4 @ 4 p.m.


  • TBA

+ - Program Dates

Fellowship Dates:

  • August 2019 - May, 2020

Fellows Summer Orientation and Annual Retreat:

  • Thursday, August 8 - Sunday, August 11, 2019


+ - Eligibility

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Chapman University graduate from the 2018-2019 academic year

+ - Fellowship Overview

  • Partner and work at a nonprofit of Fellow's choice and at the Center for Undergraduate Excellence (roughly 30 hours at nonprofit and 10 hours at CUE).
  • Final project, which is meant to be reflective of what the Fellow has learned about peacebuilding in their chosen area.
  • Reflection and research is a strong aspect of this Fellowship, all meant to encourage the Fellow to think critically of what they think peace is in their community and in the context of their nonprofit. 
  • Meet regularly with faculty mentor.

+ - Funding Package

This is a limited term non-exempt staff position scheduled to work 40 hours per week for a duration of up to 10 months.

  • Salary: $34,000 (Based on 10 month assignment)
  • Benefits package including: Medical, Dental, Vision (Based on 10-month assignment)
  • Faculty mentors are awarded a $2000 stipend paid over the span of the program
  • This program does not include college credit


+ - Required Application Materials

  • Resume or CV
  • 500-700 word essay addressing the following questions:
    • Why do you think you are a good fit for the Shinnyo-en Fellowship?
    • Describe your proposed project and the outcomes you hope to accomplish.
    • What community organization would you like to partner with on your project?
      • Why would they be a good fit, both for making an impact and for your learning?
    • How you would use the Shinnyo Fellowship to work with an existing community organization?
    • What is your understanding of service to the community? What past experiences (course, volunteering, advocacy, leadership, civic engagement, etc.) that demonstrate your commitment to service?
    • Discuss your own personal path to peace and how this fellowship would support your chosen path (Shinnyo-en Foundation Infinite Paths to Peace).

Shinnyo Fellows

+ - '18 - '19 Atty McLellan

Headshot of Atty McLellanAtty McLellan is a recent graduate from Chapman University with a double major in Political Science and Peace Studies, and a minor in Spanish. In February of 2017, Atty learned of a homeless encampment settled along a dried up riverbed that local authorities were clearing out. She began going to the encampment before and after classes to help people move their belongings, hand out water, and work with other activists to ease people’s stress. Through this and opportunities given to her by Chapman’s Peace Studies department, she became involved in an extensive research project, attempting to analyze Orange County’s homeless crisis through multiple perspectives and group identities. She continues this research, and is grateful to be working on such a thorough project that allows her to not only question the methodology of activist groups and local government, but to also examine her own philosophy towards activism and nonprofit work.