» Administration and Dean's Staff

To learn more or if you have questions about the College of Performing Arts, you can reach us at (714) 997-6519 or by email at copa@chapman.edu.
photo of Giulio Ongaro, Ph.D.
Giulio Ongaro, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Performing Arts
Moulton Hall 241
(714) 997-6519
photo of William Hall, D.M.A.
William Hall, D.M.A.
Dean and Artistic Director, Musco Center for the Arts
Oliphant Hall 101C
(714) 997-6891
photo of Louise Thomas, D.M.
Louise Thomas, D.M.
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Oliphant Hall 111
(714) 744-7066
photo of Amy DeMartino
Amy DeMartino
Operations Administrator
Moulton Hall 241
(714) 997-6585
photo of Jasmine Stofko
Jasmine Stofko
Assistant Director for Recruitment and Admissions
Hashinger Science Center 130-B
(714) 516-5223
photo of Peter Westenhofer
Peter Westenhofer
Artistic Operations Manager
Moulton Hall 221
(714) 628-7298
photo of Emma Waldron
Emma Waldron
Career Advisor
Hashinger Science Center 130-A
(714) 516-5222
photo of Jean Taber
Jean Taber
Communication and Marketing Specialist
Moulton Hall 241
(714) 997-6997
photo of Bobby Reade
Bobby Reade
Development Coordinator
Moulton Hall 241
(714) 289-2085
photo of Tanya Thompson
Tanya Thompson
Box Office and Event Communications Coordinator
Moulton Hall 104A
(714) 997-6774
photo of Joann King
Joann King
Assistant to the Dean in Operations
Moulton Hall 241
(714) 744-7001