» Recommended Classes for First-Year Creative Producing Majors

Here are the classes that we recommend you take during your first year as a Creative Producing major at Chapman. 

For your first semester, we recommend taking 12-15 credits (most classes are 3 credits; those with labs are 4). You must be enrolled in 12 credits to be considered a full-time status student. The recommended courses below will put you at 15 credits per semester (fall and spring). 

Introductory Math Requirement

First year students must either waive or complete Math 100/L (Learning and Studying Mathematics for Understanding I, with a required lab component) in their first semester. For more information, visit our Math Placement webpage

General Education Classes

You can choose a General Education (GE) class from any GE category – it’s your choice. In general, the following GE areas are recommended to begin/complete during your first year:

  • GE Language Study (strongly recommended)
  • GE Written Inquiry
  • GE Quantitative Inquiry

You may be able to fulfill some of your GE requirements with classes from your major. 

You can learn more about general education on our General Education: How it Works page.

Fall Semester

FTV 130 - Introduction to Visual Storytelling 
Credits: 3

CRPR 110 - Filmmaking Fundamentals for Producers
Credits: 3

FFC 100C - Story
Credits: 3

Note: All first-year students at Chapman have to take First Year Foundations (FFC 100) in their first year of enrollment. As a Creative Producing major, you must select an FFC 100C option from Dodge- this is titled STORY. It is recommended you enroll in this class in the first semester as a larger number of course sections and topics are available in the Fall semester.

GE class
Credits: 3

Spring Semester

FTV 140 - Introduction to Film and Media Aesthetic, Lecture and Laboratory 
Credits: 3

SW 227 - Screenwriting Fundamentals
Credits: 3

Elective or Major class  
Credits: 3

GE Class  
Credits: 3

Any GE class/minor exploration
Credits: 3