Chapman University

» Steps to Advising and Registration

  1. Pay enrollment deposit (allow 24-48 hours for processing)
    • Submit IB/AP scores and any transcripts, including dual credit courses taken in high school. If any college courses are still in progress and a final grade has not been received, submit an unofficial transcript now and follow up with the official transcript.
  2. Set up your Panther email
  3. Log in to to access the Student Center
    • View your registration date and time on the main Student Center page
    • Check for any holds on the main Student Center page
    • Review your Program Evaluation for degree requirements
  4. First year (freshman) students can either attend: an in-person workshop in June/July 2019 OR complete the mandatory Online New First Year Student Tutorial AND survey at the end (see New First Year Student page)
  5. First year students who complete the mandatory Online New Student Tutorial have the option of scheduling a 30-minute follow-up phone appointment with an Academic Advisor for additional registration questions
  6. All transfer students are required to complete the mandatory Online New Transfer Student Tutorial (see New Transfer Student page)
  7. Complete Math Placement testing if applicable
  8. Take the Language Placement test if applicable
  9. Access recommended first year courses for your specific major
  10. Build your shopping cart in and validate your courses
  11. On or after your appointed registration date AND time, register for the courses in your shopping cart.
    • Registration begins in July.  See the New Students page.
    • Don't forget to register for a First-Year Foundation Course (FFC 100), if applicable. This course is required for all students and must be completed in the first semester of enrollment. 
    • NOTE: This requirement is waived for students who have completed 24 or more transferable credits from another institution of higher education prior to matriculation and DOES NOT include dual credit courses or test credit.