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Values and Ethics Inquiry Learning Outcome: Students articulate how values and ethics inform human understanding, structures, and behavior.

Value and Ethics Inquiry Courses

Values and Ethics Inquiry Assessment Rubric

Values and Ethics Inquiry Assessment Process

Assessment Date: The Values and Ethics Inquiry area was assessed in the spring of 2021. The assessment of the student work samples collected resulted in the following action steps.

Action Steps Taken: The previous GE VI assessment was conducted under different conditions and has issues relating to sample size, incomplete or inadequate submissions, and other logistical issues. Thus, prior findings were not deemed sufficient for comparison with the current assessment strategy. Going forward, future assessments will be consistent with this year’s process and more effective longitudinal comparisons may be drawn.

We hope to make one change; assessors will not be the students’ teachers. We will collect prompts and student responses and then have outside faculty, with expertise in the relevant field, score the student responses.