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» Values and Ethics Inquiry

Values and Ethics Inquiry Learning Outcome: Students articulate how values and ethics inform human understanding, structures, and behavior.

Value and Ethics Inquiry Courses

Values and Ethics Inquiry Assessment Rubric

Values and Ethics Inquiry Assessment Process

Assessment Date: The Values and Ethics Inquiry area was assessed in the summer of 2016. The assessment of the student work samples collected resulted in the following action steps.

Action Steps Taken:

  1. We have redesigned the rubric for evaluation of VI student work samples according to the outcome statement and recommend adoption of the revised rubric criteria for future assessment.
  2. Courses for VI should be recertified by the GE Committee or a task force in light of the new rubric.
  3. The new rubric criteria should be widely distributed and explained to fulltime and part-time faculty members who teach within this category. Workshops should be held for this purpose.
  4. Call for assessment samples that should explicitly ask for assignments that could potentially demonstrate the benchmark for this outcome.
  5. Overall, the VI Assessment Team recommends that a point person be made available to facilitate continuity among courses and faculty within each GE category.