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Argyros School of Business and Economics

» Graduate Business Association at Chapman University

Mission Statement

The Chapman Graduate Business Association (GBA) provides social and philanthropic opportunities for current students. The board works to enhance the student experience and increase the value of their degree.

Member Benefits

Students elect their own leaders to represent them with the faculty and administration and to make decisions based on peer feedback. Every graduate business student is already a member of the association and dues already come out of their tuition. Each student’s dues are spent on events and opportunities to enhance their time here and build relationships.

How To Join

Every graduate student in the Arygros School of Business and Economics is already a member. You just have to be actively enrolled in classes.

GBA Board Members

photo of McKenzie Maness

McKenzie Maness

MBA with a Marketing Emphasis
Fun Fact: McKenzie has a passion for traveling and has a goal to go to all seven continents by the age of 25! Her next continent will be Australia in January
photo of Angelica Rivera

Angelica Rivera

Vice President
MBA with a Marketing Emphasis
Fun Fact: Angelica recently rode the Lily Belle at Disneyland
photo of Liz Mirand

Liz Mirand

Marketing and Communications Director
MBA with a Marketing Emphasis
Fun Fact: Liz is a kickboxing instructor at CKO in Orange
photo of Bisma Abbaali

Bisma Abbaali

Social Media Coordinator
MBA with Marketing Emphasis
Fun Fact: Bisma got to present an award at the teen choice awards
photo of Becca Spear

Becca Spear

Social and Philanthropic Event Coordinator
MBA with Entertainment Emphasis
Fun Fact: This isn't Becca's first time at Chapman! She graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Health Science in 2015 and worked in the healthcare industry until she began her MBA program this fall.
photo of Carol Hong

Carol Hong

Professional Event Coordinator
MBA/Food Science
Fun Fact: Carol can solve a Rubik's Cube