» Works-in-Progress Workshop Grant

"Works-in-Progress Workshop" grants are designed to encourage full-time faculty to invite visiting scholar(s)/artist(s)/author(s) to campus to discuss or workshop their scholarly work and/or creative activity. The amount of the grant is contingent on the number of participants and scope of the proposed workshop, but will not exceed $3,000 which includes a maximum of a $500 honorarium.  Applications will be accepted all year round, no deadline. 


The goal is to help faculty receive constructive feedback before submitting a grant/publication/creative work for formal peer review by scholarly or artistic outlets.


This grant is meant to support the development of works-in-progress by Wilkinson full-time faculty by offering opportunities for peer-review at critical stages in the evolution of a scholarly/creative project. The purpose of this grant differs from the Visiting Collaborator Grant; be sure the select the grant that best meets your purpose.

Format of workshops:

Faculty members control the format and form of these workshops, and will receive administrative support to organize them. Workshop leaders must pre-circulate materials in advance of the workshop and invited external participants must agree to provide the faculty member with written comments, in addition to participating in the workshop conversation.


  • Full Time Faculty
  • Proposals must include the following:
    • A description of the scholarly or creative project the workshop will support
    • The date and format of the proposed workshop
    • The opportunity offered for wider engagement with Wilkinson faculty
    • The expected outcome of the workshop
    • External participant(s) curriculum vitae or resume
    • Confirmation that the visiting scholar(s)/artist(s)/author(s) are willing and able to participate
    • An itemized budget.

If you have any questions regarding this process please contact Sarah Gordon, Director of Operations Sargordon@chapman.edu, ext. 6678