Richard Turner

Richard Turner

Professor Emeritus of Art
Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Department of Art


Richard Turner Side Photo


Working as a public artist since 1980, Richard Turner has designed pieces for police stations, public parks, transit stations, community centers, and waste water treatment plants.  His work can be seen in Houston, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Seattle, and Portland, where his design team’s art for light rail stations earned a Presidential Award in 2001. He developed an art master plan for the city of San Pedro in 2005 and recently completed artwork for a wetlands park in Chino.  He is currently involved in projects in Pasadena and Long Beach.

Locally, he has designed pieces for the Arrowhead Pond, the Anaheim Community Center, the Stadium Gateway building and the Fullerton and Long Beach campuses of California State University.  On Chapman’s campus he designed Liberty Plaza, a landscape setting for a section of the Berlin Wall. His sculpture, Equinox Sunrise, of anodized aluminum is a prominent feature of the main worship space of the Wallace All Faiths Chapel completed in 2004.

His studio work references his experiences in India, Vietnam and Taiwan as well as his interest in film, architecture and gardens.  His work has been exhibited in west coast galleries and, in 2005, in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2008 his installation Contempt Mandala was shown in Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana.

Professor Turner teaches design and courses on traditional and contemporary Asian art.  He also co-directs the Guggenheim Gallery.


BFA Antioch College, Yellow Springs Ohio

Study abroad Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan

MFA Studio Art University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan

Fulbright Scholar, Jaipur Rajasthan India

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