Richard Bausch

Richard Bausch

Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Department of English
Office Location: Roosevelt Hall 109
George Mason University, Bachelor of Arts
University of Iowa, Master of Fine Arts


An acknowledged master of the short story form, Richard Bausch's work has appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, Esquire, Harper's, The New Yorker, Narrative, Gentleman's Quarterly. Playboy, The Southern Review, New Stories From the South, The Best American Short Stories, O. Henry Prize Stories, and The Pushcart Prize Stories; and they have been widely anthologized, including The Granta Book of the American Short Story and The Vintage Book of the Contemporary American Short Story.

Richard Bausch is the author of eleven novels and eight collections of stories, including the novels Rebel Powers, Violence, Good Evening Mr. & Mrs. America & All The Ships At Sea, In The Night Season, Hello To The Cannibals, Thanksgiving Night, and Peace; and the story collections Spirits, The Fireman's Wife, Rare & Endangered Species, Someone To Watch Over Me, The Stories of Richard Bausch, Wives & Lovers, and most recently Something Is Out There. His novel The Last Good Time was made into a feature-length film.

He has won two National Magazine Awards, a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Lila-Wallace Reader's Digest Fund Writer's Award, the Award of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, The 2004 PEN/Malamud Award for Excellence in the Short Story, The Dayton Literary Peace Prize for his novel PEACE, and most recently the 2013 John William Corrington Award for Literary Excellence and the prestigious 2013 REA Award for his "influence on the Short Story as a form." He has been a member of the Fellowship of Southern Writers since 1996. In 1999 he signed on as co-editor, with RV Cassill, of The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction; since Cassill's passing in 2002, Bausch is the sole editor of that important anthology. Richard Bausch teaches Creative Writing at Chapman University in Southern California.


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Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications

Alfred A Knopf Published my thirteenth novel, PLAYHOUSE
Alfred A Knopf offered for my tenth collection of stories, THE FATE OF OTHERS
I participated in the WordTheatre event "Honor in Their Words" along with Tim O'Brien, Tobias Wolff and other authors, along with performances of our words by actors including Sharon Stone and Bill Pullman.
"Forensics" a Short Story, appeared in The Missouri Review
"A Local Habitation and a Name" a short story, was sold to New Letters Magazine
I completed and delivered my novel PLAYHOUSE
I completed and delivered my tenth collection of stories, THE FATE OF OTHERS.
I gave a reading of my short story "Isolation" to a class over zoom for Montgomery College in Maryland.
"The Widow's Tale," a short story, appeared in Ploughshares Magazine
My short story "The Widow's Tale" was sold to Ploughshares Magazine
My short story "Forensics" was sold to The Missouri Review
"The Long Consequence" a Short Story - NARRATIVE MAGAZINE
I completed my novella "Broken House"
I completed 3rd pass galleys of my novel PLAYHOUSE
I continued work composing my new collection of stories, titled THE FATE OF OTHERS. And I am nearing completion of my new novella called "The Broken House."
My Pushcart-winning short story "In That Time" was performed by the distinguished actor Ed Harris for WordTheatre's Worldwide broadcast on Father's day. The actor and I conducted a Q&A and conversation after the performance, curated by Cedering Fox.
"Donnaiolo, A Novella - NARRATIVE MAGAZINE
"Trigger Warnings" A Short Story - NARRATIVE MAGAZINE
"Trigger Warnings" a Short Short story, NARRATIVE MAGAZINE
The Film Robert David Port made from my novel, PEACE, has been bought by distributors nationally and internationally, and re-titled RECON. It will be released on November 11 as a Fathom Event in a thousand theaters nationwide, and then as a VOD on streaming services.
The Film RECON which Robert David Port adapted from my novel PEACE, was screened as a Fathom Event at 800 theaters nationally on November 10 2020, and then released on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and Vudu, where it is still available.
"Isolation" a Short Story, in NARRATIVE MAGAZINE fall of 20
"Isolation" A short story, Narrative Magazine
Pushcart Prize "In That Time" from Narrative Magzine.
There was a screening of Robert David Port's film of PEACE at the Austin Film Festival in October of 2019
The Film company Lunacy Productions Exercised the option for a film based on my short story, "The Man Who Knew Belle Starr." The Screenwriter is Julie Lipson.
"The Fate of Others" (Short Story) Narrative Magazine
"In That Time" A short story, Narrative Magazine
"The Fate of Others" A short story, Narrative Magazine
"In That Time" (Short Story) Narrative Magazine
The Academy Award Winning American film director Robert David Port produced and directed the film PEACE, based on my 2008 novel of the same name. The film will be released in spring '19. But it is essentially finished.
Robert David Port completed his film based on my novel PEACE; the release date for the film will probably be Veterans Day, 2019.
Living in the Weather of the World, Stories, Alfred A. Knopf, inc. NY
La Pace, Fandango, Italy
The French Film Director Gilles Bourdos released his feature length film, Especes Menacess (Endangered Species) made from six of my short stories. I attended the Venice Film Festival with him and members of the cast and production crew, where the movie was featured. It releases world wide through the next month.
"Still Here, Still There" Short story in Narrative Magazine
"The Bridge to China" Short story in Southwest Review
The French Film Director Gilles Bourdos made a full length feature film of six of my stories. The film is called Especes Menacees, and is scheduled for release in late fall 2016.
"Sympathy" Short Story in Narrative Magazine
"The Hotel Macabre" Short Story in Narrative Magazine
"Walking Distance" in Narrative Magazine, Spring 2016
AVANT ET APRES LA CHUTE French publication of BEFORE, DURING, AFTER by Gallimard
"Two Sides" a memoir and comment on Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants" and James's "The Real Thing," for an Anthology of writers about favorite stories, ediuted by Andre Dubus III. Summer 2015.
The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction, Eighth Edition; and The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction, Shorter Eighth Edition. W.W. Norton, Publishers
"The Lineaments of Gratified Desire" Virginia Quarterly Review, Edited by Jon Parish Peede
Journal Article: "Unknown" short story, Narrative Magazine, Spring 2015
I gave readings or lectures at The University of Tampa, at Sewanee, and at The Los Angeles Sales Conference of W.W. Norton, publishers.
Before, During, After, a Novel, Alfred A. Knopf, NY
"Map Reading" Virginia Quarterly Review, Edited by Jon Parish Peede.
"Veterans Night" Ploughshares, Edited by Percival Everett
"Map Reading" Short story, Fall 2014 in Virginia Quarterly Review, Edited by Jon Parish Peede
NPR'S program SYMPHONY SPACE: SELECTED SHORTS, reprized William Hurt reading my short story "Valor" in honor of the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing.
French publication of The Man Who Knew Belle Starr: Selected Stories of Richard Bausch, Something is out There: Stories, and Peace, a novel, by Editions Gallimard
"We Belong Together" Ploughshares, Edited by Elizabeth Strout
"In The Museum of The Americas" Narrative Magazine, Edited by Tom Jenks