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Dr. Randy Busse

Attallah College of Educational Studies
Expertise: Single-Case Outcomes; Direct Academic Assessment; Problem-Solving Model; Selective Mutism; Other-Esteem
Office Location: Reeves Hall 218
Scholarly Works:
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University of Wisconsin - Madison, Bachelor of Science
University of Wisconsin - Madison, Ph.D.


I achieved my Doctorate in Educational Psychology in 1996 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a major in School Psychology, a minor in Cognition and Learning, and a minor in Educational Administration. I have been teaching at the university level since 1995 and have achieved tenure at Chapman University and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. My research, writing, and presentations include the topics of direct academic assessment, school-based consultation, methods for assessing response to intervention, selective mutism, and child psychopharmacology.

Areas of Scholarly Interests

  • Development of a direct assessment measure of academic task attack skills
  • Development of a manual and methods for the treatment of selective mutism
  • Development of a measure of other-esteem
  • Meta-analytic applications of single-case outcome effect sizes
  • Validation of criterion based single-case outcome methods
  • Exploration of the validity of cognitive processing assessment

Recent Scholarly Writing

Busse, R.T., & Yi, M. (in press). Behavioral and academic rating scale applications within the problem-solving model. In R. Brown (Ed.), Assessment for intervention: A problem-solving approach (2nd ed.). New York: Guilford. [student co-author]

Larson, J., & Busse, R.T. (in press). A problem-solving approach to school violence prevention. In. S. Jimerson & M. Furlong (Eds.), Handbook of school violence and school safety (2nd ed.). New York: Guilford.

Busse, R.T., & Downey, J. (2011). Selective mutism: A three tiered approach to prevention and intervention. Contemporary School Psychology, 15, 53-63 [student co-author]

Busse, R.T., Elliott, S.N., Kratochwill, T.R. (2010). Convergent evidence scaling for multiple assessment indicators: Conceptual issues, applications, and technical challenges. Journal of Applied School Psychology, 26, 149-161.

Powers, K., Hagans, K., & Busse, R.T. (2008). School psychologists as instructional consultants in a response to intervention model.  The California School Psychologist, 13, 41-53

Recent Presentations

McGill, R.J, & Busse, R.T. (2011). A meta-analytic review of social stories research: Examining interventions for decreasing problem behavior. Paper presented at the annual convention of the National Association of School Psychologists, San Francisco, CA. [student directed paper]

McGill, R.J., & Busse, R.T. (2011).  Convergent evidence scaling methods for assessing response to intervention.  Poster presented at the annual convention of the National Association of School Psychologists, San Francisco, CA. [student directed research]

Busse, R.T., & Kennedy, K. (2011). Methods for assessing response to intervention. Workshop presented at the convention of the California School Psychologists Association, Costa Mesa, CA.

Busse, R.T., Hass, M., & Domzalski, S. (2011). Assessment of academic task attack strategies. Workshop presented at the convention of the California School Psychologists Association, Costa Mesa, CA. [student co-presenter]

Busse, R.T. (2011). Selective mutism: School psychologists’ role in assessment and intervention. Workshop presented for the San Bernardino Valley Association of School Psychologists, San Bernardino, CA.

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications

Howard, N.R., Howard, K.E., Busse, R.T., & Hunt, C. (2019 online). Let’s talk: An examination of parental involvement as a predictor of STEM achievement in Math for high school girls. Urban Education.[former student co-author]
Krikorian, M., & Busse, R.T. (2019 online). Construction of a scale of contemplative practice in higher education: An exploratory study. Journal of Contemplative Inquiry. [former student co-author]
Busse, R.T., & Flowers, J.M. (2018/2017 online). Development of a rating scale for the measurement of other-esteem. Contemporary School Psychology, 22, 258-265. [former student co-author]
McGill, R.J., & Busse, R.T. (2017/2017 online). A rejoinder on the PSW model for SLD identification: Still concerned. Contemporary School Psychology, 21, 23-27. [former student co-author]
McGill, R.J., & Busse, R.T. (2017/2016 online). When theory trumps science: A critique of the PSW model for SLD identification. Contemporary School Psychology, 21, 10-18. [former student co-author]
McGill, R.J., Kennedy, K.S., & Busse, R.T. (2016). Data-based decision making in school counseling: Utilizing multiple single-case indicators to evaluate interventions. The Practitioner Scholar: Journal of Counseling and Professional Psychology, 5, 104-121.[former student co-author]
Nishimura, T.S., & Busse, R.T. (2016). Content validation of the Scale of Teachers’ Attitudes towards Inclusive Classrooms. International Journal of Special Education, 31, 186-190.