Dr. Randy Busse

Dr. Randy Busse

Professor Emeritus of Education
Attallah College of Educational Studies
Expertise: Single-Case Outcomes; Direct Academic Assessment; Problem-Solving Model; Selective Mutism; Other-Esteem;
Office Location: Reeves Hall
Scholarly Works:
Digital Commons
University of Wisconsin - Madison, Bachelor of Science
University of Wisconsin - Madison, Ph.D.


Randy Busse achieved his Doctorate in Educational Psychology in 1996 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a major in School Psychology, a minor in Cognition and Learning, and a minor in Educational Administration. He has been teaching at the university level since 1995 and achieved tenure at Chapman University and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. His research, writing, and presentations include the topics of direct academic assessment, school-based consultation, methods for assessing response to intervention, selective mutism, and child psychopharmacology.

Areas of Scholarly Interests

  • Development of a direct assessment measure of academic task attack skills
  • Development of a manual and methods for the treatment of selective mutism
  • Development of a measure of other-esteem
  • Meta-analytic applications of single-case outcome effect sizes
  • Validation of criterion based single-case outcome methods
  • Exploration of the validity of cognitive processing assessment

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications

Flowers, J.M., Dawes, J., & Busse, R.T. (2022 online). Exploratory validation study of a measure of other-esteem with adolescents. International Journal of Applied Positive Psychology [former student co-author]
Koo, S., Chiu, H., & Busse, R.T. (2022 online). The effects of a holistic college access camp on First-Gen students: A small group program evaluation using the Reliable Change Index. Journal of First-Generation Student Success. [former student co-author]
Sugita, T., Busse, R.T., & Aryadad, A. (2021 online). After Endrew: Progress monitoring methods for supporting IEP teams. Contemporary School Psychology. [student co-author]
Howard, N.R., Howard, K.E., Busse, R.T., & Hunt, C. (2019 online). Let’s talk: An examination of parental involvement as a predictor of STEM achievement in Math for high school girls. Urban Education.[former student co-author]
Krikorian, M., & Busse, R.T. (2019 online). Construction of a scale of contemplative practice in higher education: An exploratory study. Journal of Contemplative Inquiry. [former student co-author]
Busse, R.T., & Flowers, J.M. (2018/2017 online). Development of a rating scale for the measurement of other-esteem. Contemporary School Psychology, 22, 258-265. [former student co-author]
McGill, R.J., & Busse, R.T. (2017/2016 online). When theory trumps science: A critique of the PSW model for SLD identification. Contemporary School Psychology, 21, 10-18. [former student co-author]