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Dr. Menas Kafatos

Professor, Fletcher Jones Endowed Professor of Computational Physics
Director, Center of Excellence in Earth Systems Modeling and Observations
Schmid College of Science and Technology; Computational and Data Science
Expertise: Quantum Theory; Cosmological Redshifts; black holes; tropical cyclones; climate change; Aerosols
Office Location: 452 N. Glassell, Orange, CA 92866
Phone: (714) 289-3111
Scholarly Works:
Digital Commons
Cornell University, Bachelor of Arts
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D.


Dr. Menas C. Kafatos is The Fletcher Jones Endowed Professor of Computational Physics at Chapman University. He received his B.A. in Physics from Cornell University in 1967 and his Ph.D. in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1972. After postdoctoral work at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, he joined George Mason University and was University Professor of Interdisciplinary Sciences from 1984-2008, where he also served as Dean of the School of Computational Sciences and Director of the Center for Earth Observing and Space Research. He and a team of computational scientists joined Chapman University in fall, 2008.  He is the Founding Dean of the Schmid College of Science and Technology at Chapman University, serving as dean in 2009 – 2012. He directs the Center of Excellence in Earth Systems Modeling and Observations. He has nearly 40 years of experience in undergraduate and graduate teaching and research. He has published numerous books including The Conscious Universe, The Non-local Universe (with Robert Nadeau, Springer-Verlag and Oxford), Principles of Integrative Science (with Mihai Draganescu, Romanian Academy of Sciences Press), and more than 250 articles in computational science, astrophysics, Earth systems science, hazards and global climate change, regional impacts of climate change, environmental issues, general relativity, cosmology, foundations of quantum theory, and consciousness. Total publications: 275+ which include refereed journal articles, books, refereed book chapters, and refereed published proceedings. Total Citations: 2,200+ Highest Citation of single article: 500. He is recipient of the Rustum Roy Award from the Chopra Foundation, February 2011, which “honors individuals whose devotion and commitment to their passion for finding answers in their field is matched only by their commitment to humanity”; an honorary member of the Romanian Academy of Sciences; Member, Board of Trustees, Universities Space Research Association (USRA), 2006-2008; Member, OCTANe Board, 2010 - present; Member, American Hellenic Council, 2011 – present; IEEE Orange County Chapter - Outstanding Leadership and Professional Service Award, October, 2011, etc. He has been interviewed numerous times by: U.S. national TV networks (ABC, KCBS, Voice of America), Korean and Greek TV networks (KBS1 in Korea; ERT, SKAI-Eco, in Greece; PIT in Cyprus; TV and radio stations in Crete, cretalive, tv CRETA, Krete tv), national and regional newspapers and radios in Korea, (Hankook), Greece (Kathimerini, Eleutherotypia, Ethnos, Patris), and the United States (National Herald, OC Register, L.A. Times, Washington Post, Atlanta Journal, Korea Times).



REL 329 Quantum Physics, Cosmology, & Consciousness

HGEC 540 Global Climate Change


Research Interests:

Interdisciplinary Earth system science
Natural hazards and climate change
Aerosols and pollution
Vegetation and climate change coupling
Tropical cyclones
Distributed data information system architecture
Content-based Earth science data browsing
Black holes, active galaxies and quasars
Cosmological redshifts
Foundations of quantum theory
Quantum theory and brain dynamics



USDA 58-3148-7-044



September 2012 – Present: Director, Center of Excellence in Earth Systems Modeling & Observations

2009 – 2012:  Dean, Schmid College of Science and Technology, Chapman University

2008 – 2012:  Vice Chancellor for Special Projects, Chapman University

2008 – Present:  Director, Center of Excellence in Applied, Computational and Fundamental Science, Chapman University

2008 – Present:  Professor, Dept. of Physics, Computational Science and Engineering, Chapman University



Recipient of the Spirit of Rustum Roy Award, Chopra Foundation, February 26, 2011: honors individuals whose devotion and commitment to their passion for finding answers in their field is matched only by their commitment to humanity.

IEEE Orange County Chapter - Outstanding Leadership and Professional Service Award, October, 2011.



National Academy of Sciences' US National Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) – past, 2000-2003; International Astronomical Union (IAU), on-going

America Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS); American Astronomical Society (AAS); American Geophysical Union (AGU); American Physical Society (APS); Hellenic Astronomical Society; Royal Astronomical Society (RAS); IEEE Computer Society, on-going.

Member, OCTANe Board, 2010-present

Member, Board of Trustees, Universities Space Research Association (USRA), 2006-2008

Science Steering Committee, Sand & Dust Storms-Warning and Assessment System, sponsored by the World Meteorological Organization, etc., 2005-present

American Astronautical Society, Vice President for Education, 2001-2003

Honorary member, Romanian Academy of Sciences, 2000

Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (member of its Executive Committee); and Chair of its Partnership Committee (responsible for new ESIP members), 1999-2001


Websites/Past Events:

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications

Dimitar Ouzounov, Sergei Pulinets, D. Davidenko, A. Rozhnoi, V. Solovieva, B. Fedun, N. Dwivedi, A. Rybin, Menas C. Kafatos, Patrick Taylor. Transient effects in atmosphere and ionosphere preceding the 2015 M7.8 and M7.3 Gorkha-Nepal earthquakes, Frontiers in Earth Science, Environmental Informatics and Remote Sensing (in review)
Francis M. Fujioka, D.R. Weise, S-C. Chen, Seung Hee Kim, Menas C. Kafatos. Reaction Intensity Partitioning: A New Perspective of Fire Danger. International Journal of Wildland Fire 30, 351-364
Shenyue Jia, Seung Hee Kim, Son V. Nghiem, Keun-Hang Yang, Menas C. Kafatos. Investigating the Lagged Relationship between SMAP Soil Moisture and Live Fuel Moisture in California, USA. In IGARSS 2020-2020 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 4485-4488
Mijin Kim, Seung Hee Kim, Woogyung Vincent Kim, Yun Gon Lee, Jhoon Kim, and Menas C. Kafatos: Assessment of Aerosol Optical Depth Under Background and Polluted Conditions Using AERONET and VIIRS Datasets. Atmots. Environ. (accepted with minor revision).
4. Ouzounov D. S.Pulinets, K.Sun, X.Shen, M. Kafatos Atmosphere Response to Pre-Earthquake Processes Revealed by Satellite and Ground Observations. Case Study for Xinjiang, China (2008-2014), Annals of Geophysics. (accepted).
Shenyue Jia, Seung Hee Kim, Son V. Nghiem, Menas Kafatos. Live fuel moisture estimation using SMAP soil moisture and MODIS vegetation indices in Southern California, USA. IEEE International Symposium on Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 6126-6129.
Myoung, B., Kim, S.H., Nghiem, S.V., Jia, S., Whitney, K., Kafatos, M.C. Estimating Live Fuel Moisture from MODIS Satellite Data for Wildfire Danger Assessment in Southern California USA. Remote Sens. 10, 87. doi:10.3390/rs10010087
S. Jia, S. H. Kim, S. V. Nghiem, W. Cho, Kafatos, M.C., Estimating Live Fuel Moisture in Southern California Using Remote Sensing Vegetation Water Content Proxies, 2018 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, p. 5587-5890
Galanis, G., Kafatos, M.C., Chu, P.C., Hatzopoulos, N., Papageorgiou, E., Liakatas, A. Operational atmospheric and wave modeling in the California’s coastline and offshore area with application to wave energy monitoring and assessment, Journal of Operational Oceanography
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