headshot photo of Dr. Jill Dunham

Dr. Jill Dunham

Assistant Professor, Instructional Faculty
Schmid College of Science and Technology; Mathematics
Expertise: Graph Theory; Computational Mathematics; Recreational mathematics; pedagogy
Office Location: Keck Center for Science and Engineering 359
Phone: 714-744-7609
Iowa State University, Bachelor of Science
George Mason University, Master of Science
George Mason University, Ph.D.


Research Interests

Dr. Dunham’s research interests include topological graph theory, computational problems in discrete mathematics, and recreational mathematics. Specific projects include finding the maximum touching number for coin graphs, enumerating solutions to paper-folding problems, and applying graph theory to structures in commutative algebra.

Another area of research is pedagogy, including tactile learning and assessment of course effectiveness.

Recent Publications

Mayfield, Betty and Dunham, Jill B. (2015) "Adapting to a New Core Curriculum at Hood College: From Computation to Quantitative Literacy," Numeracy: Vol. 8: Iss. 2, Article 8.
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5038/1936-4660.8.2.8
Available at: http://scholarcommons.usf.edu/numeracy/vol8/iss2/art8

Jill Bigley Dunham, "Designing Round-Robin Tournaments using Yarn" and "Proper Edge Colorings and Disjoint Hamiltonian Cycles of K_n using Yarn" in Tactile Learning Activities in Undergraduate Mathematics: A Recipe Book for the Classroom, The Mathematical Association of America, to appear.

Geir Agnarsson and Jill Bigley Dunham, On rational radii coin representations of the wheel graph, Discuss. Math. GAA 33 (2) 2013, 167-199

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications