headshot photo of Dr. Jeremy Hsu

Dr. Jeremy Hsu

Assistant Professor, Program Advisor for Biological Sciences
Instructional Faculty
Schmid College of Science and Technology; Biological Sciences
Office Location: Keck Center for Science and Engineering 262
Phone: (714) 628-7241
Harvard University, Bachelor of Arts
Stanford University, Ph.D.


I am excited to teach various courses on evolution, ecology, and molecular and population genetics at Chapman. I am enthusiastic about teaching and science education, and am looking forward to working with others to incorporate active learning and evidence-based instructional practices in the classroom. My teaching is grounded from my background and interests in the lab. As an evolutionary biologist, I am broadly interested in exploring how intrinsic factors (e.g. differences in behavior and demography) and extrinsic factors (e.g. environmental perturbations and ecological differences) impact the evolution and dynamics of populations over time. My two major research projects in the past have focused on the population genetics of the monarch butterfly and the tuco-tuco, a rodent from South America.

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications

Hsu J., Imad M., and Wilson K. Furry with a chance of evolution: Exploring genetic drift with tuco-tucos. 2019. CourseSource. https://doi.org/10.24918/cs.2019.17
Hsu J., Crawford J.C., Tammone M.N., Ramakrishnan U., Lacey E.A., and Hadly E.A. Genomic data reveal a loss of diversity in two species of tuco-tucos (genus Ctenomys) following a volcanic eruption. 2017. Scientific Reports 7: 16227.
Hsu J., Kam, S., Tammone, M., Lacey, E., and Hadly E. 2017. Rapid genetic change in an endemic tuco-tuco following a recent volcanic eruption in Patagonia. Journal of Mammalogy: 98 (3): 779-792.
Hsu J., Wrona A., Brownell S., and Khalfan W. 2016. The Explorations program: benefits of single-session, research- focused classes for students and postdoctoral instructors. J College Science Teaching 45(6): 78-86.
Solari K.A., Frank H.K.*, Frishkoff L.O.*, Hsu J.*, Kemp M.E.*, Mychajliw A.M.*, and Hadly E.A. 2016. Opportunity for some, extinction for others: the fate of species in the Anthropocene. Evolutionary Ecology Research 17: 787-813. *authors contributed equally
Zhan S., Zhang W., Niitepõld K., Hsu J., Haeger J.F., Zalucki M.P., Altizer S, de Roode J.C., Reppert S.M., and Kronforst M. 2014. The genetics of monarch butterfly migration and warning coloration. Nature 514: 317-321.