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Dr. Brett Danaher

Associate Professor
The George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics
Expertise: Industrial Organization; Data Analytics; Entertainment Analytics; Copyright Policy; Digital Strategies
Office Location: Beckman Hall 303i
Office Hours: Tuesdays 1 - 3 p.m. and by appointment
Scholarly Works:
Digital Commons
University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D.

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Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications

Danaher, B. and Smith, MD. "Is Digital Piracy a Good Way to Increase Word of Mouth Marketing?” Harvard Business Review online. October 19, 2020. available at https://hbr.org/2020/10/the-digital-piracy-dilemma
Danaher, B., Hersh, J., Smith, MD, and Telang, R. 2020. "The Effect of Piracy Website Blocking on Consumer Behavior". MIS Quarterly, vol 44(2), pp 631-659.
Danaher, B. and Smith, MD. 2017. "Digital Piracy, Film Quality, and Social Welfare." George Mason Law Review, Vol 24(4), pp. 923-938.
Danaher, B. and Smith, MD. 2014. "Gone in 60 Seconds: The Impact of the Megaupload Shutdown on Movie Sales”. International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 33, issue C, 1-8 (lead article)
Danaher, B., Huang, Y., Smith, MD., and Telang, R. 2014. "“An Empirical Analysis of Digital Music Bundling Strategies”. Management Science vol 60(6), pp. 1413-1433.
Danaher, B., Smith, MD., Telang, R., and Chen, S. 2014. “The Effect of Graduated Response Anti-Piracy Laws on Music Sales: Evidence from an Event Study in France”. Journal of Industrial Economics. Vol. 62(3), pp 541-553.