Dr. Annmary Abdou

Dr. Annmary Abdou

Assistant Professor
Attallah College of Educational Studies
Expertise: Positive Discipline Frameworks; School-Wide Restorative Practices; Equitable and Culturally Responsive Practices; School Leadership and Sustainable Systems Change; Participatory Action Research;
Office Location: Reeves Hall
University of California, Santa Barbara, Bachelor of Arts
Pepperdine University, Master of Arts
University of California, Santa Barbara, Master of Education
University of California, Santa Barbara, Ph.D.


Annmary (Anna) Abdou joined the Attallah College of Educational Studies as an Assistant Professor in 2017. She earned her doctorate in Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara and is a Licensed Educational Psychologist and a Nationally Certified School Psychologist.

Prior to joining the Attallah College faculty, Dr. Abdou gained diverse experiences in K-12 public school settings. As a school psychologist, she supported students through assessment, counseling, individual and systems consultation, professional training for school staff, and supervision of school psychology trainees and school-based mental health counselors.

Dr. Abdou currently serves as an instructor and mentor for both the school psychology and school counseling programs at Chapman. Courses taught include Consultation and Collaboration, School Psychology Practicum, Advocacy for Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion in Counseling and Educational Systems, and Leadership and Systems Change.

Dr. Abdou is passionate about social justice issues in education, sustainable systems change, and equitable access for diverse learners. She is most interested in the evolution of school-wide social-emotional and behavior support systems, particularly as they relate to discipline reform movements such as restorative. These themes are prevalent in both her research and pedagogy. She enjoys interdisciplinary collaboration and strives to contribute to the strengthening of our school systems through scholarly innovation and community partnerships.

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications

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