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This page contains procedures to assist you in responding to an on-campus emergency. A variety of scenarios are included, but this document does not purport to cover all possible emergencies. When in doubt, call Chapman University Public Safety.

If you dial 911 from any campus phone, you will be connected to Chapman University Public Safety. When you call 911 from a campus phone, the location of the phone will be disclosed to the Public Safety Dispatcher. NOTE: A 911 call from your cell phone will go to a central station and you could experience considerable delay in being routed to local officials. If you use your cell phone to contact Chapman University Public Safety, dial (714) 997-6763. You may designate a speed dial in your cell phone to speed access to this number.

For any on-campus emergency requiring ambulance (Paramedic), fire department or police department, please dial (714) 997-6763, or extension 6763 from a campus phone. You may also dial 911 from any campus phone. A Chapman University Public Safety officer will respond and will solicit outside assistance as necessary.

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