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Below are common questions asked of the University by our neighbors. Click over each tab to find the answer to the question.

Proposed Specific Plan Amendment 7

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What is the status on the University’s Specific Plan update?

The processing of the Specific Plan update has been extended to allow the University time to meet with residents and community leaders to address neighborhood concerns. Chapman University is working closely with the City of Orange and our neighbors, sincerely striving to be good neighbors ourselves. Click here to learn about the Neighborhood Advisory Committee that was formed.

The Specific Plan is a planning document that guides the allowable enhancements to campus buildings and grounds. The Chapman University Specific Plan was originally adopted by the City of Orange in 1989 and a comprehensive update was adopted in 2004. The updated document that is currently under discussion will guide future building efforts over the next 15 to 20 years.

You may find the current Specific Plan in its entirety on the City of Orange Community Development website.

What is the University doing to increase on-campus student housing?

The University has made a commitment to house at least 50% of our undergraduate student population on campus and accomplished that goal in Fall 2019. Chapman now requires that all freshman and sophomores live in Chapman-owned housing.

Here are a few student housing projects that are helping us meet this goal: 

The K: Located at the northwest corner of the intersection of West Palm Avenue and North Cypress Street, this 400+ bed facility opened in fall 2019. The design by the architectural firm Togawa Smith Martin, Inc. echoes the industrial character of the historic area.

Panther Village: The University recently purchased vacant land adjacent to Panther Village, located on West Chapman Avenue near Interstate 5. The University is planning on adding a parking lot to the land. By providing additional on-site parking, students will be able to avoid driving to campus and the capacity will be increased by 120%. 

Chapman Grand: The University recently purchased an apartment building in Anaheim and renovated it into student housing. There are 900 student beds available at this facility. 


Is Chapman expanding its footprint? If so, where?

There is no physical expansion of the campus within the proposed Specific Plan Amendment. The rumor that houses will be taken out in order to expand is untrue.

Does the Specific Plan include provisions for the removal of historic homes for campus expansion?

No. The proposed Specific Plan Amendment does not include the historic homes in Old Towne Orange.  In fact, the Specific Plan does not include any campus expansion beyond the current campus boundaries.

What is the proposed timeline for the approval of the proposed Specific Plan Amendment?

At the present time, a draft working copy has been submitted to the City. This process of refining will take place over the next few months. Also during that time, various studies including a traffic and parking analysis, and an environmental impact report (EIR) will be completed. At the end of the various studies, the plan will be considered by the City Planning Commission and the City Council through a public hearing process.


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Who do I contact if I have an issue concerning student behavior?

Chapman University maintains a close working relationship with city officials and law enforcement to ensure that communication is strong within our surrounding community. As such, we recommend the following contacts:

Emergencies: 911

Please call the Orange Police Department dispatch at (714) 744-7444 for non-emergency issues where an immediate response is needed, such as a loud and unruly party.

For issues concerning inoperable vehicles or poor property maintenance (on private property), you may make an anonymous call to the City of Orange Code Enforcement team at (714) 744-5555.

To make a report of issues with trash cans or debris being left on public property (sidewalks, streets), etc., please call the Department of Public Works at (714) 532-6493

Finally, regarding concerns about student behavior (parking, a pattern of chronic disturbances, etc.), please contact the Office of Community Relations.

What actions does the University take with students who have violated the code of conduct?

Protocols are in place for students who violate the University’s student code of conduct policy.

While the results of disciplinary cases regarding a specific individual are confidential, students found in violation of the student conduct code may be required to attend classes on being a good neighbor, ordered to pay a fine, or in the most serious of cases, suspension or expulsion may be issued.

Chapman University’s student code of conduct policy is available in full through the Student Affairs website.


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What is the University’s parking policy?

All students, faculty, staff, and visitors are required to park in lots and structures on campus, and must have a permit to do so. Special exceptions are in place for those who have indicated that they utilize an alternative method of transportation, such as walking, bicycle, or train. Click here to read our full parking policy.

Please note: Temporary "A" permit parking passes (typically in yellow or blue) are not Chapman University parking passes, but are issued through the City of Orange. Please call Orange Police Department's parking enforcement team at (714) 744-7444 with any questions. 

Do you have a policy for bus drivers and parking?

We recognize and acknowledge the fact that our campus is located within a unique and historic residential district, and as such, not all neighboring streets are approved for commercial vehicle use.

All buses--including admissions tours, visiting athletics teams, and performing arts set-up crews--must load and unload in the properly marked loading zone on Glassell Street, just west of the Musco Center.

Additionally, bus drivers who must temporarily park to wait for their passengers are advised to do so in the University-owned Palm Avenue parking lot. 

You may view more information on our Bus Driving Directions page. 


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Are restaurants on campus open to the public?

Yes! Our on-campus restaurants are open to the surrounding communities. Currently available restaurants include:

Hours vary, so please check each individual restaurant's website for additional details. View a campus map of our eateries.

When are the tennis courts open to the community?

The newly opened Erin J. Lastinger Tennis Center is open to the community during select hours of the academic school year.

  • Fall Semester: Monday 8am to 12pm, Wednesday 5pm-8pm
  • Spring Semester: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8am-12pm
  • Summer: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8:30am-12:30pm

While the facility is closed on weekends for men's and women's team matches, please feel free to come out and support your Panthers! Attendance is always free to the public. 

What construction projects are in progress?

Details on current construction projects can be found on the Campus Planning website