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Welcome to the Event Scheduling Services, home of Chapman’s online space reservation system, 25Live.

25Live enables authorized members of the Chapman community to request the use of University space, equipment and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer with internet accessibility. Whether it is a weekly meeting, lecture or special event, the Event Scheduling Office is here to help you reserve the space and services you need for a successful event.

Event Scheduling Timeline

Please review the event scheduling timeline to see when the 25Live system is open for you to submit events for the following academic school year. The timeline was set up as a way to clearly identify submission dates so the entire campus is clear about the process.

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25Live Training and Permissions

To access the 25Live Event Scheduling system, you must be trained, and permissions must be granted.

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Important 25Live Notes

  1. You can access the 25Live system through this link.
  2. You must be trained and permission must be granted by the Event Scheduling Office or Student Affairs to use 25Live.
  3. Mozilla Firefox and Chrome browsers on a desktop computer are preferred when using 25Live.
  4. You must submit through 25Live no less than 5 days from the event's date or the system will block you. Please plan accordingly.
  5. When you submit an event in 25Live, this is a request, not a confirmation. The confirmation comes after Event Scheduling Office reviews your submission.
  6. Due to the large amount of request, please allow 5 days for confirmation by the Event Scheduling office.

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Guides & Resources

To fully understand Chapman's event process and 25Live system, please review the online guides and resources below.

Guides and Resources