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Dean Stearns teaches Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation. This is a practice that has ancient roots in many religious practices, and is compatible with most religious traditions. It is a way of centering in the present, open to possibility and the bounteous life we are gifted with.

Mindfulness practice helps us cultivate the capacity within for:

  • appreciating our surroundings at any given moment
  • reducing anxiety through awareness of stories we tell ourselves that often cause anxiety
  • self-awareness
  • being more grounded in our bodies
  • compassion for ourselves
  • compassion for others

Scientific evidence is growing to support the effectiveness of mindfulness in cultivating these qualities. Science is discovering what many religious practitioners have known for centuries. We learn from many sources that it is good to love our neighbors as ourselves, yet often we do not have compassion for the self. Mindfulness enables us to approach our own life with curiosity, acceptance and grace, as we develop a greater capacity for compassion for others.

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Read more on Stress Relief through Mindfulness Meditation (.PDF).

Check out iTunesU Mindfulness Meditation With Sound Healing by Chapman University. This course is a guided meditation that introduces the practice of mindfulness, created at Chapman University by Dr. Gail Stearns and Jody Theissen

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