» Welcome to The Fish Interfaith Center at Chapman University

The Fish Interfaith Center

Located at Chapman University, the Fish Interfaith Center assists students in their spiritual journeys and equips leaders for interfaith understanding in the world through the center's award-winning Wallace All Faiths Chapel and interfaith programming.

  • Do you desire to be centered and at peace within yourself?
  • Do you want to ask questions and discover answers about your meaning and purpose?
  • Do you want to grow spiritually, but not necessarily religiously, in college?
  • Are you part of a religion or interested in other religions?

At the Fish Interfaith Center we believe that everyone should have a place to worship and to practice their beliefs in a safe, sacred space. We provide students of all faiths the opportunity to utilize our facilities at any time - to study, meditate, and pray. We also provide a forum for respectful interfaith dialogue for students seeking spiritual growth, or simply for those who wish to learn more about other religions and beliefs.

Through our various events, speakers, and dialogues we seek to give students the chance to not only grow in their own spiritual way - but to learn to accept the beliefs of others, and constantly thrive to create a peaceful environment for the entire Chapman community. 

Whether you're looking for a spiritual group to join, a quiet space, or just someone to talk to, we at the Fish Interfaith Center are here for you. For any additional information, please contact us at any time!

Watch the award winning Fish Interfaith Center video below: