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The George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics develops business leaders who create value for their organizations by blending the capacity for sound economic reasoning and a global perspective with the qualities of individual initiative, accountability, effective communication, and integrity. The Argyros School distinguishes itself by providing students and alumni with unmatched access to exceptional professors and scholars, and a network of top executives in one of the nation's most dynamic business communities

Our exceptional faculty, curriculum, distinguished guest lecturers, internship placements and international experiences provide the optimal balance between theory and practice. Our centers and institutes create unequaled opportunities for students, faculty and the business community to collaborate. We are a national leader in preparing our graduates to immediately contribute value and impact in the face of today’s challenges; with your help, we can become even better.

We invite you to view our current featured giving opportunities below. To learn more, please contact Development Coordinator Sarah Ramirez at sarramirez@chapman.edu or 714-628-7362.

Bloomberg Sponsorship

Chapman University and the Argyros School of Business and Economics are pleased to announce the opening of the Janes Financial Center.  Housed in Beckman Hall, the Center provides students and the campus community with real time financial information and state-of-the-art financial analysis technology.

In planning the Janes Financial Center, it was essential that we provided students with access to Bloomberg terminals. These are used by corporate financial managers, portfolio managers and analysts throughout the equity, fixed income, commodity and real estate sectors. In addition to increasing our students’ financial IQ, experience with Bloomberg terminals will give our graduates a significant advantage in the job market because they will be able to make immediate contributions to employers.

We have created the Bloomberg Sponsorship for funds to support the ongoing operations of the center.  We are seeking sponsorships of $10,000 per year for 5 years.  There are only 12 Bloomberg terminals, so this is an exclusive sponsorship opportunity.

The Dean's Fund for Emerging Enterprises

The Argyros School of Business and Economics have recently completed a strategic plan. The Dean's Fund for Emerging Enterprises will provide strategic investments in programs, projects, and activities that advance, enhance and expand the overall mission of the school including:

  • student scholarships and fellowships to aid in attracting the top students nationwide
  • faculty research fellowships 
  • advancing the development of applied research
  • funding student projects in collaboration with industry partners
The Dean's Fund for Emerging Enterprises has an opportunity to shape the future of the Argyros School of Business. We respectfully invite and encourage you to consider partnering with us in this endeavor.