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$32K in '22 Fundraiser

» Help the Escalette Collection Match Their NEA Grant

As a “museum without walls,” the Escalette Collection fills Chapman’s campus with enriching, thought-provoking artworks that impact life on campus for thousands of members of the Chapman Family every day. In 2021, we were honored to receive a prestigious grant from the National Endowment for the Arts that will allow us to commission an artwork by internationally renowned artist Daniel Canogar unlike any other on campus.

Please help us bring Canogar to Chapman to create an artwork that explores the human mind through electronic animations that continuously shift, mutate, and ooze bright color. Your generous contribution would help us reach our goal of matching our NEA grant and raising $32K in 2022. Every little donation helps, and as a special thank you, we will send you a unique, Escalette-inspired, hand-crafted gift.

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This artwork, by internationally acclaimed artist Daniel Canogar, will visually translate Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences’ Survey of American Fears, a high-profile nationwide poll that has been featured in over 800 media outlets. Daniel Canogar –  whose work has been commissioned by major institutions such as the Museo National del Prado, Madrid, and installed in places like Times Square, NY, and the Tampa International Airport – is best known for his innovate work using custom-made LED screens to visualize live data sequences. More than simply translating data, though, Canogar’s artwork visualizes information to reveal the deeper issues, questions, and beliefs about that topic. The piece that Canogar will make for Chapman University will engage with the Survey of American Fears in a way that makes this slice of the datasphere visible, literally unmasking America’s deep-held fears. Using custom software to run existing and real-time data, this artwork will be an interactive, public display that all can enjoy.

National Endowment for the Humanities

For more information on projects included in the Arts Endowment grant announcement, visit arts.gov/news.

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