Student Outcomes

The Value of a Chapman Degree

Student Outcomes

The Value of a Chapman Degree

We believe

We believe that your time in college is not just about the classes you take, but also about the connections you make and how you prepare for life after graduation.

We embrace

We embrace opportunities to learn in concert with practice, whether that be through research, internships or industry activities. We work together to solve the problems that make us better thinkers, gain the values that make us better global citizens and join the teams that make us stronger.

Our time

Our time at Chapman is just the beginning of a lifelong journey as Panthers. Let's explore the first steps that our graduates take after crossing the graduation stage.


Post-Graduation Outcomes

Chapman students cross the graduation stage and enter alumni life ready to rise to the world's challenges in industry and academia alike.

Overall Outcomes
Alumni Perceptions

Experiential Learning

Nearly every Chapman student participates in a form of experiential learning during their time at Chapman.

Career Outcomes

Learn more about the Panthers who choose to enter the industry and work after earning their bachelor's degree at Chapman.


Career Outcomes

Whether they dream of scientific breakthroughs or standing ovation performances, innovating business practices or helping someone heal... Chapman graduates are entering a variety of industries ready to rise to real-world challenges. 


Meet our Alumni

Overall Outcomes

Where do Chapman Graduates Work?

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Top Functions

Popular job titles for recent graduates include:

Software Engineer
Medical Assistant
Research Assistant
Data Analyst
Business Development Representative

Financial Analyst
Marketing Manager
Social Media Manager
Medical Scribe
Production Assistant

Video Editor
Account Executive
Operations Manager
Research Associate
Staff Accountant


From Intern to Professional

Hands-on, real-world experience, matched with extraordinary teaching, leads to meaningful careers in industry.
$64,844 The median earnings of former students who received federal financial aid at 10 years after entering the school.
73% Students intern during their time at Chapman
98% Employers satisfied with Chapman interns

Graduate School Outcomes

Learn more about the Panthers who choose to continue their education after earning their bachelor's degree at Chapman.


Graduate School Outcomes

For graduates seeking targeted career preparation, Chapman offers paths to advanced degrees that provide refined skills and knowledge in specific areas. Panthers continue their educational journeys in the arts, business, sciences and beyond.


Learn more about Research and Graduate Education


Where do Chapman Graduates Study?

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Top Programs

Popular advanced degrees that recent graduates pursue include:

Curriculum and Instruction
Business Administration
Biological Sciences

Social Work
Health and Strategic Communication
Real Estate
Physical Therapy

Food Science
Computational and Data Science
Clinical Psychology


From Research to Mastery

Chapman uniquely encourages and invests in undergraduate research, positioning our graduates to excel in advanced degree programs.
99% Panthers are continuing education in programs relevant to their undergraduate major
$34 million dollars of research expenditures in FY2021

Chapman Network

In Orange County, across the United States and beyond, Chapman alumni are contributing to communities and industries as global citizens.


Top Destinations

You can find 50K+ Chapman Panthers all over the world. Use this map to explore recent Chapman grads’ top destinations.


Find Regional Alumni Groups


Orange County

An Innovation Hub

Orange County, California, is more than great weather and beaches. The 9th largest economy in the U.S. with a GDP of nearly $300 billion, Orange County is a hub for innovative industries including software development, aerospace, scientific research, medical products and pharmaceutical development – not to mention the proximity of the Hollywood entertainment establishment. 



Real-World Impact

Chapman alumni know how to make an impact. Our graduates have gone on to hold pivotal positions in industry, government and nonprofit organizations around the world. Changing lives, shaping the future – the dynamic energy of our alumni continues to inspire greatness.
Sydni Au Hoy ’22
Sydni Au Hoy ’22

From a BS in Biological Sciences and psychogenic non-epileptic seizures research to a physician. 

Emily Frisch ’16 (MA ’17)

From a BS in Biological Sciences to a career in academic medicine focused on fertility.

Tyler Russell McCusker ’11
Tyler Russell McCusker ’11

From a BFA in Journalism to podcast production, distribution company founder and industry leader.

Dr. Alexa (Zeiger) Andraos (Pharm.D. ’19)
Dr. Alexa (Zeiger) Andraos (Pharm.D. ’19)

From the pharmacy school to lead pain management pharmacist at Cedars-Sinai.

Jim Byron ’15
Jim Byron ’15

From a BS in Business Administration to OC-based nonprofit executive serving as president and CEO of the Richard Nixon Foundation.

The Reverend Dr. Sarah Halverson-Cano ’99
The Reverend Dr. Sarah Halverson-Cano ’99

From a BA in Religion and English Literature to senior pastor at Irvine United Congregational Church.

Dr.  Jared T. Izumi (MA, Ed.S ’16)
Dr. Jared T. Izumi (MA, Ed.S ’16)

From an MA in Educational Psychology and Ed.S. in School Psychology to assistant professor of school psychology at the University of Iowa.

Jennifer Bassage Bonfil ’02
Jennifer Bassage Bonfil ’02

From a BFA in Dance Performance to a successful dance career and serving as the Dance Education & Curriculum Specialist at The Wooden Floor.

Katie Cornella (MMS ’18)
Katie Cornella (MMS ’18)

From the Physician Assistant Studies program to a PA in cardiology at Orange County Heart Institute and St Joseph’s Hospital of Orange.

Kelly Galuska ’06
Kelly Galuska ’06

From a BA in Screenwriting to co-creator and showrunner for Netflix’s “Human Resources" and writer on season two of “The Bear” for FX/Hulu.

Dr. Tiffany Payton Jameson ’96
Dr. Tiffany Payton Jameson ’96

From a BS in Computer Information systems and Business Administration to an organizational psychologist focused on cognitive diversity.

Samantha Dorey (JD ’11)
Samantha Dorey (JD ’11)

From Fowler Law to founding partner of Everett Dorey LLP, a full-service civil litigation firm.

Dean Anderson ’86
Dean Anderson ’86

From a BS in Biology and Chemistry to a successful 33-year laboratory career with Beckman Coulter.

About this data

Student outcomes data is primarily sourced from Chapman's First-Destination Surveys for the undergraduate Classes of 2020 and 2021.