» California CTC Common Standards: Standard 3

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+ - 3.1 Clinical Practice and Clinical Experiences

3.1 Through site-based work and clinical experiences, programs offered by the unit provide candidates with opportunities to both experience issues of diversity that affect school climate and to effectively implement research-based strategies for improving teaching and student learning.

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+ - 3.2 Clinical Practice and Site-Based Supervisor Expertise

3.2 Site-based supervisors must be certified and experienced in teaching the specified content or performing the services authorized by the credential.

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+ - 3.3 Clinical Practice and Field Supervisors Selection

3.3 The process and criteria result in the selection of site-based supervisors who provide effective and knowledgeable support for candidates.

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+ - 3.4 Clinical Practice Training and Handbooks

3.4 Site-based supervisors are trained in supervision, oriented to the supervisory role, evaluated and recognized in a systematic manner.

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+ - 3.5 Clinical Practice Evaluation Practices

3.5 All programs effectively implement and evaluate fieldwork and clinical practice.

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+ - 3.6 Clinical Practice Placement

3.6 For each program the unit offers, candidates have significant experience in school settings where the curriculum aligns with California’s adopted content standards and frameworks, and the school reflects the diversity of California’s student and the opportunity to work with the range of students identified in the program standards.

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