The fountain at the Old Towne Orange circle close to Chapman University
Community Relations

» Chapman University's Good Neighbor Promise

Chapman University is dedicated to creating a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with the City of Orange, Orange County and all our community members. Below are some key insights and answers as to how we are supporting and engaging our relationship with the surrounding communities.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for specific answers to questions about our strategy, as well. We will be updating this page routinely. 

Boosting the Economy

In addition to addressing the immediate concerns of Chapman University neighbors, the University also contributed to the Orange County economy, including:

  • $66 million through staff and faculty salaries, vendor business, and student and visitor spending to the City of Orange
  • $525 million through university, student and visitor impact and tax and education costs to Orange County
  • $278,400 through sales and occupancy taxes

Increase Student Housing

In fall of 2019, we met our goal to house 50% of undergraduates in Chapman-owned residential facilities. We require that all freshmen and sophomores live in Chapman housing.

  • 175% increase in juniors/seniors living on campus since Fall 2017
  • 900 additional beds at Chapman Grand in Anaheim
  • 401 additional beds at The K Residence Hall
  • 120% increase in Panther Village student capacity due to parking enhancements

Other Key Points:

  • We met our goal two years ahead of schedule.
  • We are planning for additional residence halls to continue to meet the 50% housing goal.

Increase Parking Enforcement and Transportation Options

Our goal is to minimize impact of student, faculty, staff parking and driving in residential areas near Orange campus.

  • 3 new parking officers added to Department of Public Safety to increase patrols
  • 5 new shuttles added to the fleet to decrease need for parking on campus
  • 623 people per day use off-campus shuttles and therefore do not drive to campus

Other Key Points:

  • Parking in University-owned structures and lots is required for all students and employees. Violations are reported to HR and Dean of Students.
  • Ongoing parking analysis is being performed by a traffic engineering firm to ensure adequate parking is available.
  • A new parking structure outside of Old Towne district is planned for the future.

Minimize Student Disturbances

Our goal is to minimize the number of disruptive parties and student conduct issues through a strong partnership with Orange Police Department and the City of Orange.

  • Only 1 in 5 Chapman-related calls on average meet the city’s criteria of being “loud and unruly”
  • Amended City of Orange disturbance ordinance to have greater consequences for repeat offenders
  • Liaison visits in 2019. Chapman Public Safety and Orange Police Department leverage preventive efforts to minimize disturbances within the surrounding neighborhood

Modest Gradual University Growth

Our goal is to focus on modest, gradual University growth and modernizing existing facilities.

  • Proposed gradual increase in full-time enrollment target from the current cap of 8,700 to 10,500 over 10 years (Enrollment target reduced from 11,650 originally proposed in 2015)
  • Fall 2021 — Opening of the Fowler School of Engineering, located within the new Keck Center for Science and Engineering

Improved Community Relations

Our goal is to create an environment where Chapman University is accepted as an integral part of our surrounding communities.

  • Established the Office of Community Relations led by a new Vice President
  • Launched a strategic external communications strategy to keep the community better informed
  • Developed a culture of responsiveness to all resident’s concerns and issues
  • Increased focus on pathways for K-12 and first-generation students from Orange, Santa Ana, and Anaheim to attend Chapman
  • Added Quality of Life section to Specific Plan 7 outlining commitment to enriching quality of life for surrounding neighbors
  • Improving transparency to the community through better data, using full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollment for better precision

Specific Plan Amendment 7

A preliminary working document of Specific Plan 7 is available for viewing. Please note: This document is NOT final and will be frequently updated while working with the City of Orange during this process.

Full Specific Plan 7