» Request Hidden Category for Interactive Campus Map

Use this form to request a hidden category for the interactive campus map. Category refers to the organization of locations seen in the menu within the map. Normally, all are visible on the main map. However, you can create a custom map url that displays a category with the locations of your choice. The category will display in the map only when viewing the map from your custom url. This form allows you to specify the label of this new category and the locations on campus that will be pinned.

Common uses of a custom url for the map would be for a link you intend to embed in an email for a special event. When clicked on, the map will automatically display all the locations related to the event (venue, parking, restrooms, campus services, etc). 

In the form below, you can add up to 10 locations to be pinned. Location refers to the individual sites that can be pinned to the map and have a detail block popup to learn more. If you require more than 10 locations, add them to the "Additional Comments" box.

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