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Chapman University has standards of behavior that apply to all students and student organizations associated with the University. The Student Conduct Code, which sets forth these standards, includes a Breach of Peace policy. The Breach of Peace policy outlines expectations for student behavior in line with Chapman's commitment to positively contributing to our greater community. Please review the Breach of Peace policy brochure for more information.

The Breach of Peace policy as defined in the the Student Conduct Code

Breach of Peace – As a part of the larger community that surrounds the University, students are expected to abide by all city ordinances and act with respect and civility toward neighbors and their property. The following behaviors are prohibited:
  1. Individual or group activities that result in disturbance or reasonable distress to others or that cause damage or destruction to property (This may include but is not limited to hosting gatherings with large numbers of people in attendance, gatherings that violate city or county ordinances or laws, guests gathering in yards, sidewalks, or other outdoor areas, etc.).
  2. Aiding, abetting, or procuring another person to breach the peace.
  3. Entering another’s land or property without permission.

Note: Public Safety Officers may videotape exceptionally large, loud and disruptive off-campus gatherings. The resulting videotape may be utilized as information in a hearing regarding potential misconduct by the respondent. If it is alleged that the videotape has evidence of an assault, sexual assault, or other acts of violence, the Vice President and Dean of Students or designee may review the tape as part of its investigation into the allegation and the evidence may be considered under the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Learn More About the Policy & Being a Good Neighbor

It is important for students to understand the University policies and procedures related to the Breach of Peace policy. Please explore here for information about avoiding violations of the policy as well as what to expect from a potential violation. You may also review the Breach of Peace policy brochure for more detailed information.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact the Office of Student Conduct by email at or by phone at 714-532-6079.

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