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Congratulations on your decision to attend Chapman University! This section provides information on what you need to know before you arrive at Chapman. We look forward to meeting you at the International Student Orientation!

Check out this Study in the States Guide from the U.S. government regarding visas, arrival, and laws.

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International Student and Scholar Services is able to provide general guidance. However, any advice provided to you by the Center for Global Education should not be construed as legal advice. Additionally, due to the fluid nature of governmental interpretation, government agencies such as USCIS/ICE/CBP may change their interpretation of immigration laws/regulations and eligibility requirements for benefits, at any time. We will do our best to provide the most current guidance. Each case is fact-specific and it is advised that you contact an experienced immigration attorney if you have questions regarding your situation.

President StruppaPresident's Welcome

Dear international students,

When I arrived in the United States, on August 9, 1978, I was an international student with great ambitions and great enthusiasm, but a very poor understanding of the challenges I would be facing. Probably, my lack of understanding was what propelled me, and in a way it is true that “ignorance is bliss.”

Soon after my arrival, however, I realized that I had in front of me great uncertainties and great cultural obstacles, but even greater opportunities. I can now tell you that any sacrifice I made while a student at the University of Maryland has been repaid multiple times.

One of the things I learned, and that forms the core of my commitment:

(Chapman’s commitment) to international students, is that while I certainly benefited from being a student in the US, my host institution, the University of Maryland, also benefited greatly from my presence. I was an enthusiastic student, willing to share my cultural leanings, while at the same time eager to learn more about the history of the United States, and what made this country great. I was consistently one of the very best students in every class, because more than others I knew the incredible opportunity that was lying ahead of me.

Now that I have received my PhD, become a Professor, a Chair, a Dean, a Chancellor, and now a President, I have not forgotten the importance of international students, nor have I forgotten the challenges they face. Chapman is committed to an increased number of international students attending our university, and we have strengthened the Office of Global Education, because the influx of international students is as important to our student body as the opportunities we give our American students to study abroad.

As you arrive to Chapman, I want you to know that you will find a community open to your arrival, eager to know you, to learn from you, and to teach you. I look forward to meeting you personally, and hope you can also meet my wife, as dean of the School of Communication (incidentally, she is American…another successful outcome of my educational experience in this country), and my many children.

Welcome to Chapman University.

Daniele C. Struppa, PhD

President, Chapman University