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Program Learning Outcomes

By the time you graduate from the Musical Theatre Minor Program you will be prepared for auditioning and performance in the musical theatre genre and able to demonstrate in the areas of:


  • a basic understanding of music theory, including an understanding of diatonic tonality; the ability to recognize intervals, chords and rhythms; the ability to identify chord names and qualities; the ability to analyze basic passages from musical scores.
  • knowledge about vocal production as pertains to musical theatre repertoire.
  • and an understanding of historical and cultural trends influencing the musical theatre genre.


  • competency in dance technique to support musical theatre performance.
  • an understanding of historic trends in Broadway dance styles
  • an understanding of practical and theoretical approaches for singing and dancing simultaneously.


  • an ability to bring yourself to your roles, with relaxed vocal and physical instruments.
  • a basic understanding of the Stanislavski terminology.
  • a playing to type in modern realism.
  • fundamental realistic acting styles including beginning scene work and performance analysis.
  • the ability to explore theatrical texts to identify character traits that must be exhibited in successful role-play.

Training in this minor shall provide opportunities such as performance in Chapman Celebrates and other annual donor-cultivation events. The Musical theatre capstone performance shall take place in the second of two semesters.

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