» War and Peace in a Changing World

Chapman Students and Faculty Examine International Conflict and Resolution on a Variety of Fronts

War and peace – they are two sides of a coin, each understandable only in context of the other. At Chapman University, students, faculty, visiting speakers and experts examine the political, historical, legal, economic, moral, psychological and philosophical dimensions of international relations on many fronts, from academic programs to research centers, from an acclaimed historical collection to programs that assist military veterans in the community.

In a rapidly changing world, the need for understanding the causes of conflict in the past is greater than it ever has been. The variety of war and peace studies programs at Chapman promotes critical analysis of phenomena relating to military, peacetime and diplomatic affairs, and prepares students for a wide range of careers, including government service and entry into graduate or professional schools.

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WWII letter with a bullethole

Learn More About the War Letters at Chapman

The Center for American War Letters (CAWL) is a unique and extensive manuscript collection of previously unpublished war letters from every American conflict, beginning with handwritten missives composed during the Revolutionary War and continuing up to emails sent from Iraq and Afghanistan.