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Lawyers write for a living, and an effective lawyer is an effective writer. So it's a fact that great legal writers are more competitive candidates in the job market. So how do you get to be a better writer? Write more! One way that you can hone your legal writing skills is to participate in writing competitions.

Plus, there are many good reasons why it makes sense to participate:

  1. You will build your resume.
  2. You will have more and better writing samples to use in your employment applications.  Many writing competitions are practice area specific so you can create a writing sample that is especially geared toward your target employer.
  3. A great writing sample can help compensate for a lower GPA.
  4. You will build your professional reputation in the legal community.
  5. The fact is that very few students participate in writing competitions, so you will often have little in the way of actual competition, so the odds of actually winning a writing competition are really very good.

Find out more about opportunities in The WRIT and The Classifieds.

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