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Tuition Merit-Based Scholarships

The Fowler School of Law provides a generous merit-based scholarship program based on undergraduate cumulative GPA and LSAT score to assist with the cost of legal education. By seeking to meet the financial needs of as many students as possible, we enable our students to graduate with relatively low levels of indebtedness.

Our tuition merit-based scholarships can be renewed provided students have a cumulative 2.900 at the end of each spring semester. 

Yellow Ribbon Program

The Fowler School of Law is proud to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. This program offers a generous matching scholarship to our eligible military personnel. For more information, contact Chapman's or visit the Chapman University Yellow Ribbon Program website. 

+ - JD Scholarship Retention Statistics

Please see our JD Scholarship Retention Statistics tab at Scholarship Policies and Conditions of Retention.

+ - First Year Law Students - JD

Students can qualify for merit-based scholarships based on their undergraduate cumulative GPA and LSAT score.  Merit-based scholarships are awarded upon admission to the JD program, however, entering students who do not qualify for an entering merit-based scholarship, may be awarded one if they rank in the top 15%  of their cohort group at the end of their 1L year. Class rank is determined at the end of the spring semester.

Since scholarship funding may be exhausted during the admissions cycle, students are strongly encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible to be considered for a merit-based scholarship. The priority consideration deadline for merit-based scholarships is April 1. First-year students seeking a deferral of admission from the Admissions Committee should be aware that scholarships cannot be deferred.

+ - Visiting and Transfer Applicants

Visiting and transfer students are not eligible for merit-based scholarships.

+ - LL.M. Students

LL.M. students are eligible for merit scholarships that range from 10%-25% of tuition. Awards are made by the Admission Committee and students are notified at the time an admissions offer is extended.

+ - Visiting Student Status

A student who has been awarded a scholarship, based on an anticipated enrollment for an academic year (i.e., fall and spring), and who then subsequently receives permission to attend another institution as a visiting student for one semester, may be eligible to receive a scholarship payment only for the one semester the student is enrolled at Chapman University Fowler School of Law. A scholarship recipient who receives permission to attend another institution as a visiting student for an entire academic year (i.e., fall and spring) will not be allowed to defer the scholarship.

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For more information email the Fowler School of Law Financial Aid Office.

External Scholarships

Check our Available Scholarship Page for additional opportunities.
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