»Community: Once a Panther, Always a Panther!

Whether you graduated 20 years ago or last year, all Chapman alumni share something in common: the personalized Chapman University experience. Chapman is dedicated to igniting passions and sparking interests that enable our students and graduates to go out into all corners of the world and make an impact. 

Chapman University’s alumni efforts are focused on creating opportunities for you to connect not just to the greater Chapman campus community, but to alumni who shared in your unique Chapman experience (such as those who were in the same clubs and organizations as you) and alumni who are experiencing life’s moments the same time you, whether it’s getting married, starting a family, searching for a career, celebrating a promotion or retirement and much more. 

So join our community, find your “birds of a feather” and reconnect with your inner Panther!

Life Stages

Life Stages  »

Chapman University is with you every step of the way, from your first tour of campus to your 50th class reunion and beyond. Learn more about the many Life Stages of Chapman alumni and find out how you can get involved and strengthen your connection with your alma mater.