» Chemical Hygiene and Safety

Chemical Hygiene Plan and Safety is of paramount importance to the University.  To address these concerns, the University maintains a written Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP), designed to provide procedural guidelines for prudent work practices in the handling, storage, and use of chemicals in the laboratory and to protect laboratory workers from the potential health hazards of the chemicals they encounter in the workplace.  A wide range of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), some promulgated by EH&S and others by researchers supplement that Chemical Hygiene Plan. 

See the below resources for further information.

+ - Chemical Hygiene and Safety Resources

Chemical Fume Hoods Video Training (Video)

Chemical Hygiene Plan (PDF)

Chemical Inventory System (CHIMERA) (Restricted Access Login)

CHIMERA Instructions (PDF)

Globally Harmonized System (PDF)

Guidelines for Chemical Storage (PDF)

Lab Safety Labeling and Transfer of Chemicals (PDF)

SDS - Safety Data Sheet Search (Instructions) (Database)