• What's Inside Dodge College
  • 36 individual editing suites and 3 mixing studios
  • 500-seat Folino Theater with 3D projection
  • Two sound stages bring films to life
  • A professional Foley Stage adds sound to screen

Facilities & Equipment

»Marion Knott Studios

Unique in higher education, this 76,000-square-foot Marion Knott Studios was specifically designed from the ground up to replicate a working production studio. From sound stages to state-of-the-art classrooms, computer labs with every program needed for pre- and post-production, design and special effects to our 500-seat Folino Theater to showcase your end result or host an amazing event, this building is a living, breathing creative space open 24/7 for your use.

But it doesn’t end there. For our production students, you’ll have the opportunity to shoot either HD or film for your thesis projects. And all of our student productions are well managed through a detailed green light process by a team of faculty and staff to ensure that all your basic production needs are met.

And the technology just keeps getting better. You’ll learn quickly that our philosophy is to never settle, so we are constantly upgrading our equipment to make sure our students are learning on industry-standard tools. Every year the needs of our students are assessed and new cameras are bought, computers are upgraded, and additional software is purchased. And it’s nothing but the best from day one for our students. As a freshman, you will be shooting on high-definition cameras in our Introduction to Visual Storytelling class.

Truly there is no better facility than Marion Knott Studios, but seeing is believing. That’s why we encourage every prospective student to schedule a tour to visit Dodge College.


2 sound stages (2500 and 5000 sq. ft.)

Cinematography and Directing insert stage

Television and Broadcast Journalism Hi-Def stage and control room

Foley stage

Motion Capture stage

Locker rooms, hair/makeup studio, green room

2 Audition Rooms

Set Design shop

Production Design studio

Production Management Office with Computers, Phones, Fax, Printers, and Meeting Space

2 computer labs

36 individual editing suites

3 mixing studios

Spirit 4K Datacine

500-seat Folino Theater with Kinoton 35mm projectors, Barco 2K digital projector and Dolby Digital surround sound


4 Sony F-65

10 Sony F5

5 Sony F3

3 Sony PMW-320

2 RED One MX   

2 Arriflex 35mm BL

5 Arriflex Super 16mm SR

10 Panasonic AF-100

10 Panasonic HVX 200

15 Panasonic HMC 150

5 Panasonic 3D cameras

20 GoPro Hero

175 HD cameras for introductory classes


11 Tascam HS-P82 recorders

16 Timecode slates

5 Edirol R-4 Pro recorders

16 Edirol R-44 recorders

10 Zoom H4N

20 Fostex FR-2 recorders

10 Sign Video ENG-44 mixers

4 Behringer Xenyx 2442 mixers

30 Audio Technica 4071 shotgun mic

30 Audio Technica 4073 shotgun mic

30 Audio Technica 4051 shotgun mic

24 Audio Technica Wireless kits

2 Audio Technica 835ST stereo mic

12 Sanken COS-11s lavaliere

30 Sony ECM-44b lavaliere

2 Timecode slates

6 Lectrosonics Wireless Kits

40 Boompoles

+-Grip & Electric

12 1800W M18 HMI

19 Mole 2KW Studio Solar Spot

2 Mole 2KW Junior Solar Spot

3 Mole 2KW "Zip" Softlight

20 Mole 1KW Baby Solar Spot

10 4' 4-Bank Kino Flo

13 Kino Flo Diva 400

2 Kino Flo Diva 200

4 Kino Flo 9" Mini Flo

34 Light Kits

    1 2-Ton Grip Truck

    4 Doorway (Western) Dolly

    7 Skateboard Dolly

    2 12x12 Overhead Package

    8 8x8 Overhead Package

    3 6x6 Butterfly Package

    10 4x4 Shiny Board

    200 C-Stands

    Lots of Flags and Sandbags

+-Computers & Software

HP Dual Intel XEON 3.2 GHz workstations with 12GB RAM and 1024MB (1 Gigabyte) Video RAM each

Avid Media Composer

Avid Symphony

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve

Qube Render Farm System

Avid DVD by Sonic

Avid iNews Client

Avid Pro Tools


Entertainment Partners (Budgeting, Scheduling)

Final Draft

Sony Creative Software (Vegas Pro, ACID Pro, DVD Architect Pro)

Autodesk (Maya, 3ds Max, Motion Builder, Smoke)

Adobe Creative Suite

Blu-ray® Disc Authoring

Google SketchUp


+-Media Library

DVD Library

Blu-ray® Library

VHS Library

Film Print & Laserdisc Collection

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