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Internal Emails

SMC sends out two mass internal emails each week. The first is a round up of the most recent Happenings stories put together by the PR team. The second email is the Thursday campus update email. Any department or office on campus may submit an event to be included in this email provided they have a Chapman webpage or blog post to link to. All events must be submitted to the appropriate AE by 5 p.m. on the Tuesday before the event will run.

In some cases, SMC can provide HTML templates to Chapman communications council members for use in their own internal correspondence. 

External Emails

When two weeks notice is provided, SMC can also send emails to external populations on behalf of Chapman Schools/Colleges/Departments/Offices. Recipients should have opted in to correspondence from Chapman, or should have some clear and established relationship to the University. Purchased mailing lists are also currently allowed. SMC does not send unsolicited SPAM and is compliant with the CAN-SPAM ACT OF 2003.

Emails will utilize branded templates that have been tested for ADA compliance. Unique HTML cannot be created for each individual email.

All emails (internal and external) must comply with Chapman University IS&T guidelines and policy.

+-Required Information for Mass Emails

In order for Web and Interactive Marketing (WIM) to send an email on behalf of a School/College/Department/Office, we need the following:

  • Two weeks notice
  • Approval from your SMC Account Executive (the request should come to WIM from the AE)
  • Approved copy (including subject line)
  • Approved images
  • Delivery date and time
  • Defined Audience
    • Internal - what populations need to receive the mass email?
      • Full Time Faculty
      • Adjunct Faculty
      • Students
      • Staff
    • External - a list needs to be provided to SMC.
      • Those listed should have opted in to correspondence from Chapman University, or should have some clear relationship to the University. Purchased mailing lists are also allowed. SMC does not send unsolicited SPAM.
  • What email address does the mass email need to be sent from?
    • For example, academic notifications come from the Chancellor's office
    • Marketing messages come from smc@chapman.edu
    • Senders may also use their own email address by forwarding an email prepared by SMC
      • If this action is taken, please erase the elements of the email that make it look like a forward such as the FW: in the subject line, and the added text in the body of the email.
  • SMC needs to have permission/access to send from the selected email address

Failure to meet all of these guidelines, or failure to provide all necessary information will make it impossible to complete the e-blast request.

+-Sending From Other Email Addresses

  • SMC requires written permission from clients in order to send on their behalf.
    • SMC can send to external populations and emulate client's email addresses.
    • To send to an internal population, clients should work with IS&T to provide proper access to SMC so that the internal IS&T distribution lists can be used.

+-Newsletters and RSS to Email

Newsletters can be created dynamically through school/college/office/department blogs VIA SMC's email management system.  RSS to email re-purposes existing blog content and consolidates multiple posts into a 'newsletter' format email.  To utilize SMC's "rss to email" feature, you will need:

  • Approval from your Account Executive and your Web Coordinator
  • A live blog that has been created and approved by SMC
  • An email template created by your Web Coordinator

We recommend that these emails are sent once per month.  In order for new content to appear in the RSS to email newsletter, at least four new posts (approximately one per week) should have been created.  Two posts per month would equate to roughly 8 items in the email which makes for an even more robust newsletter.

The goal of this project is to create an alternative to eblasting our already over-saturated populations by creating a blog environment where users can read news, events, and other updates at will.  Lowering the overall number of emails sent to our audiences should make the impact of each email more meaningful.

If your school/college/office/department is interested in RSS to email, please contact your Account Executive.



RSS to email example



+-New Email Policy - Effective February 4, 2013

Per SMC's new university wide email policy, please note the following changes effective February 4th, 2013.

We will no longer be sending individual emails to the internal campus community, instead we have developed a new template that will contain a list of upcoming events for clients throughout the university. These emails will be similar to the "Weekly News and Events Updates" sent out every Monday, but will go out once per week on Thursday mornings. Please consider the following guidelines when requesting an email.  

In order for your email to be including in our Thursday version, a request must be submitted to your AE by no later than 5 p.m. Tuesday evening. You must provide a link to a relevant blog post, whether on your own schools/colleges blog, or if your department doesn't have a blog, default to Happenings.  

Please ensure that your submission does not exceed 55 words and that you have provided an appropriate photo for use in the email. 

See below for an example of our new Weekly Updates template.

Weekly template

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  • Events
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