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Chapman University has always been on the cutting edge of technology and culture when it comes to showcasing its students, faculty, and alumni. The Chapman University Podcast Network offers a variety of educational and insightful looks behind the scenes of the University. In conjunction with Panther Productions, podcasts include How Did You Get That Job?, Science on Tap live tapings, and Chapman Now, an extended property of Chapman Magazine

+ - How Did You Get That Job?

Want to work as a scientist who reinvents the fast food taco? What does it take to write a Batman comic book? Explore those careers and more on the How Did You Get That Job? podcast. Here we talk with Chapman alumni whose jobs are so cool, you just have to ask “How did you get that job?”

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+ - Catalyst: A Creative Industries Podcast

+ - Science On Tap

Chapman University's Science On Tap is the product of the Schmid College of Science & Technology. Hosted by Dean Andrew Lyon and recorded in front of a live audience, Science on Tap is a series of conversations held over beers with a variety of different experts from the local area. Schmid faculty, as well as the occasional Orange County guest, stop by for an IPA, stout, pilsner or saison, and discuss any number of science based topics.

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+ - Chapman Now

Chapman Now is an extension of Chapman Magazine, which is published quarterly. Giving voice to the storytelling of Chapman Magazine, this series goes inside the lives of the inventive people, tours the fascinating places and explores the dynamic programs at Chapman University.   

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+ - Dodge Cast

Every month, the Dodge Cast aim to bring you some great stories from all around the Dodge community; from current students and their projects, to alumni and their successes.

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