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Graphic design majors are required to complete one mandatory internship and are encouraged to intern as often as they are able. The students partner with the Career and Professional Development and a Graphic Design faculty member as they work. Internship locations include design firms, advertising agencies, and industries with in-house design departments. Check back often for updates.

+ - 2010 - Present

Brenna Butler, 2014: Graphic Design Intern at MBI Media

Annie Unruh, 2014: Marketing Assistant at Elite Global Solutions

Sophie Lerner, 2014: Graphic Design Intern at Kee Media

Kelly Smith, 2014: Graphic Design Intern at Trezo Coffee

Spencer Wierwille, 2014:Graphic Design Intern at Hasbro

Sasha Netchaev, 2014: Graphic Design Intern at Hearst Corporation

Elizabeth Bacon, 2014: Orange County Museum of Art

Artem Barinov, 2014: Saxxon Studios, LLC.

Rachel Becker, 2014: What Youth Magazine

Kendyll Bieze, 2014: Bowers Museum

Amanda DeFrancis, 2014: Orange Coast Magazine

Ashley Delaney, 2014: Special occasion DJ & Lighting

Kathryn Ferons, 2014: DreamWorks Animation

Wesley Eramo, 2014: Fearless Records

Diana Goldberg, 2014: Jovenville

Michele Jonas, 2014: Billabong

Katrina Kland, 2014: O’Neill

Candace Larson, 2014: XERQ

Grace Lavery, 2014: Ocean Magazine

Amanda Norris, 2014: Newport Beach Film Festival

Zachary Oransky, 2014: Kairos Society

Nicole Pawloski, 2014: Billabong

Taylor Peck, 2014: Anton Warkentin Designs

Stephanie Pieper, 2014: Camp Design Group

Faye Pinner, 2014: Enzoani

Spencer Thordarson, 2014: BH Bikes

Melissa Wilcox, 2014: Zodiac Inflight Innovations

Grace Wilson, 2014: O’Neill

Victoria Wong, 2014: BuzzMob

Casey Wyman, 2014: Girard Studio

Jake Kincaid, 2015: SmogDesign; Summer of 2014

Maneesh Sidhu, 2015: Universal Studios; Summer of 2014

Valerie Rustad, 2014:Hoodzpah Art and Graphics; 2014 and Filter Magazine; Interterm of 2013

Ryley Schlachter, 2014: Filter Magazine; Summer of 2013

Nikita Hegde: Intern at the advertising agency DDB in Dubai. Worked on Unilever brands - writing creative briefs, brainstorming campaign ideas and carrying out market research tasks. Summer 2012

Jennifer Sharp: I had a graphic design internship at the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA). Help with the CEO’s weekly newsletter, webpage banners, poster/advertisement design and generally any type of graphic that is needed by the company. Summer and Fall 2012

Katrina Chen, 2012: Seventeen Magazine; Summer 2011.

Breanna Rawding, 2012: General Dynamics Advanced Informations Systems; Summer 2011

Deena Edwards, 2012: 160over90; 2014 and Production Resource Group; Summer of 2011

Anton Warketin, 2012: Preemptive Love Coalition in Iraq; Summer of 2011

Ariel Roth, 2013: Blade Design; Summer 2011

Jessica Becker, 2011: Clear Channel Communications in Seattle, WA as a web designer in charge of general upkeep.

Jhoanne Mecija & Kyle Pidot, 2011: Artisan Records in Fullerton, CA.

Kristen Entringer, 2011: Davidson & Belluso Advertising and Design in Phoenix, AZ developing concepts for clients and agency self-promotion.

Bobby Evers, 2011: Helped with proposal ideas, sat in on meetings, and did overall design work for an ad agency in Bend, OR.

Simon Blockley, 2011: Amarati in New York City, NY where he worked on jobs from Power-Aid and Pirates Booty.

Kristin Hinkley, 2011: Network Music Group in Hollywood, CA in their Web Graphics Department. She also interned for Mia Rose Products closer to home in Orange, CA.

Ian Hutchinson, 2011: Bozel Agency in Omaha, NE with clients like First National Bank.

Kim Dworak, 2011: Baby Bird Communications in Newport Beach, CA.