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A Minor in Art is for students seeking an exposure to art as an integral part of their degree program. This Minor allows students to explore the practice, history and theory of the studio arts.

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+ - Requirements and Application


A minimum of 24 credits, at least 9 of which must be upper-division, are required for a minor in art.


To apply for a Minor in Art, you are required to submit the following pieces to the Art Office, Moulton Hall 173, to be considered:

1. Statement of Interest: Describe why you are interested in studying Art at Chapman University, including artistic and educational goals. The Department of Art at Chapman University is committed to interdisciplinary dialogues, including academics and non-academic interests that influence your artwork.

2. Statement of your two most successful works: Pick the two most successful works in your portfolio and explain in a statement what makes them most significant, including how their design and content support your intended meaning. Statement should be about 500 words in length, total.

3. A Signed Letter of Recommendation: Submit a signed letter of recommendation from a high school art teacher or art mentor, speaking to your creative talents and merits as a student.

4. Portfolio: Print on 81/2 x 11 paper, 8 to 10 examples of your best artwork. It may include design, drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, or whatever you feel best demonstrates your talent. Provide title, medium, and identify whether work was a class assignment or done on your own.

+ - Contact Information

Please feel free to contact:

Assistant Professor Lia Halloran

Assistant Professor Dave Kiddie

Associate Professor Micol Hebron

Associate Professor Eric Chimenti, Chair

or the Department of Art office at
(714) 997-6729

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