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It’s a long-standing Chapman tradition for the senior class to present the university with a gift as a way to commemorate their time at Chapman and give back to support future generations of Panthers. The Class of 2012 has chosen to designate their class gift to support merit-based scholarships, which are awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance. 

40% participation and $8,000 raised by May 31, 2012.
Suggested Donation: $20.12

Why is it important to give?

The Senior Legacy Campaign will create opportunities for future students to have the same fulfilling Chapman experience that you enjoyed during your time here. Did you know that 82% of Chapman students benefit from some form of financial aid or scholarship assistance?  Helping others receive an outstanding Chapman University education is a powerful way to show our thanks for the support we received as students while empowering future generations.
How do I make a gift?

Making your gift is easy. You can do it in three easy ways: online, in person, or by mail, with credit card, check, or cash.

What if I can’t afford it?

There is no minimum gift. Whether you choose to contribute $20 or $200, every gift is important. Together, the Class of 2012 can make a meaningful and lasting impact at Chapman University.  

How can I get involved?

There will be a variety of events throughout the year for members of the senior class to connect and make plans for the Class of 2012 Senior Gift.  Keep an eye out for announcements of upcoming Senior Legacy Campaign events.  

Or, if you’d like to take an active role in ensuring the success of the Senior Legacy Campaign while getting to know more members of the Class of 2012, join the committee! Contact Jessica Price '11 for more information.

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  • Senior of the Week - Preston OklejasPreston Oklejas ’12

    Why I gave: My reason for donating to the Chapman senior legacy fund is simple. Because of the culture at Chapman, my four years here have been far more than I would have ever imagined. When I entered as a freshman, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and really didn't enjoy school all that much. Chapman changed all of that and I'm not sure I can explain how that happened.

    Somehow along the way, I became very interested in my educational development and began to look forward to studying and attaining new goals. I became a business major with an emphasis in finance and I found myself hanging around Beckman Hall discussing business topics with the professors even when I had no classes scheduled. I would have never thought that this would be me.

    I am enrolled in the Chapman International MBA that will begin for me in the fall and I'm excited about taking my education to a much higher level.

    I will always be grateful to Chapman for everything that they have done for me and it's my hope that in this small way, I can help someone else find that same joy and success.

  • Senior Legacy Campaign Honor Roll

    Thank you Class of 2012 for giving back to Chapman University. Because of your generosity, the Class of 2012 will always be remembered.

    Samantha Adelman ’12
    Lauren Akahoshi '13
    Stephanie Bachtelle ’12
    Elliott Balsley '12
    Lauren Benke ’12
    Peter Bicknell ’12
    Deanna C. Blanchet ’12
    Jason Boninger ’12
    Adam Borecki ’12
    Jessica Browne ’12
    Megan M. Cardinal ’12
    Kat Cavarno '12
    Brent Chow ’12
    Lauren Crouthamel '12
    Kaitlin Darian '12
    Lindsey Delamater ’12
    Megan Demshki '12
    Katherine Dougherty ’12
    Joe Fann '12
    Megan Farina '12
    Sarah Faulkner ’12
    Ariana Fisken ’12
    Carly Foerster '12
    Kristy Foote ’12
    Meghan Grace ’12
    Megan Gruchow ’12
    Jamie Gutierrez ’12
    Jennifer Heinz ’12
    Kellie Henika '12
    Kathryn Hoff '12
    Barbara Holladay ’12
    Morgan Horowitz '12
    Stephanie Hsueh '12
    Sara Hunt ’12
    Rachel Kellogg ’12
    Melody Kleiman '12
    Alex Klein ’12
    Nicole Knicker ’12
    Josh Kohansamad '12
    Jamie Krispel ’12
    Jacquelyn Kuehler ’12
    Hilary Leath ’12
    Kathryn Lemen ’12
    James Leslie '12
    Ben Levitt ’12
    Katherine Lilly ’12
    Lauren Lindstrom ’12
    Ian MacDonald ’12
    Ryan Massey ’12
    Kelsi Mathey '12
    Andrew McIver ’12
    Jhoanne Mecija ’12
    Nicole Merritt ’12
    Jessica Mitchell '12
    John A. Neilson ’12
    Colton Nicks '12
    Sarah Nininger '12
    Krystal Nungaray '12
    Preston Oklejas ’12
    Zar Orellana '13
    Stephanie L. Patterson ’12
    Gabriel Perez '12
    Jeanette Pineda ’12
    Kathryn D. Porter ’12
    Shelby Lee Porter '12
    Jennifer Preda ’12
    Bayleigh Radovich ’12
    Brett Richardson ’12
    Martha Rivera '12
    Ryan Robinson '12
    Naseem Sarshar '12
    Lizeth Sebastian ’12
    Tara Skipper '12
    Alyssa Smith ’12
    Sierra Stevens '12
    Colleen Stevenson '12
    Lauren Taliaferro '12
    Emma Travis ’12
    Taylor Underwood '12
    Carly Uslan '12
    Kendall Valenstein '12
    Alexandra Vanni ’12
    Megan Wisler '12
    Arielle Worthington ’12
    Frances Wyatt ’12
    Jennifer Yuen '12
    Justine Zahara ’12

Current Progress

So far, we have raised $2,673.30!
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