» The CU SAFELY BACK (Chapman) FUND will ensure we can bring our Chapman Family Back Together

During our 2019-2020 school year, all was well at Chapman. We had our most accomplished freshman class to date. We were receiving high accolades for our teaching, student accomplishments, research and more. We were on track with enhancing and expanding facilities both on the Orange and Rinker campuses. Then everything changed. 

In response to the pandemic, and to protect the health and wellbeing of our students, staff, and faculty, we sent them home.  We promised them that we would provide crucial resources (financial aid, emergency funds, academic assistance, technology and more) to make remote teaching, learning, and working a reality. 

We were able to do this because of the outpouring of support delivered by Chapman Family members - alumni, parents, friends, faculty, and staff like you. 

It is time to start our school year while continuing in our efforts to bring our Chapman Family back together. It is time to continue our mission of providing the sort of personalized education that is the hallmark of the Chapman Experience. We are ready to be able to provide an education of distinction and ensure every facet of Chapman life can be attained, with compassion, heart and excellence.

The CU SAFELY BACK (Chapman) Fund will ensure we can start our year off while working to bring our Chapman Family together.

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 *A generous family has offered to match all unrestricted CU Safely Back funds raised during the year (up to $1 million). Therefore, the impact of your giving will be doubled as we bring our Chapman Family back together.

Chapman scholarship student: Alexandra Leon Oliva

While strategic planning is a vital part of the University’s continued success and progress, oftentimes the most exciting opportunities and the greatest, most pressing needs of the Chapman community cannot be planned for or anticipated. By offering unrestricted support, the Chapman Fund affords University leadership the flexibility to embrace new ideas and emerging opportunities, while meeting the continually-evolving needs of the Chapman community.

Every student, faculty member and corner of campus benefits from the Chapman Fund.

It is truly the most powerful tool in unlocking the University’s potential.

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