» Making an Impact During the Pandemic: Give to the CU SAFELY BACK FUND

This year, we have refocused our annual giving program, the Chapman Fund, to meet the most pressing needs in our community. Donations of all sizes to the CU Safely Back Fund have allowed the university to respond in real-time during this pandemic. CU Safely Back funding made it possible for Chapman’s administration to provide crucial resources to our students, staff and faculty throughout the winter, spring and summer months of 2020.

Even though our students and faculty are now pursuing a hybrid version of learning on our campuses, your support is more important than ever.

Your donations to the CU Safely Back Fund will provide financial assistance for tuition, housing, food, and books. Your gift will also help us to continue to invest in resources, technology, improved testing, safety supplies and more. Click here to learn more about the critical ways your donations will be used.

Make a gift to the CU Safely Back Fund today so we can continue to meet the challenges of the pandemic together.


 *A generous family has offered to match all unrestricted CU Safely Back funds raised during the year (up to $1 million). Therefore, the impact of your giving will be doubled as we bring our Chapman Family back together.

Chapman scholarship student: Luis Avila '24 

Every student, faculty member and corner of campus benefits from the Chapman Fund.

It is truly the most powerful tool in unlocking the university’s potential.

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