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Have questions regarding Loans, Scholarships & Grants, or the FAFSA?

Please take a look at our Loans FAQ page, Scholarships & Grants FAQ page, or FAFSA FAQ page for common questions regarding these topics.

Are there any additional forms that need to be completed besides the FAFSA?

Undergraduate students who are permanent California residents may apply for Cal Grants by filling out a Cal Grant GPA verification form, available from all California high schools, other California College Financial Aid Offices, or Chapman's Financial Aid Office. GPA verification forms must be completed by the institution where the student last completed 24 units.  The form must be postmarked or electronically uploaded by March 2nd.  Most schools submit the GPA verification online to the California Student Aid Commission; please refer back to your school for more information about the process.

Other forms may be required of students after they have completed a FAFSA, and will be mailed or made available online to the student for completion.  The FAFSA is the only form needed initially to apply for financial aid.  If loans are offered, the student must complete a separate application to receive funds.  Please refer to the Loans section of our site for more information regarding loans and loan requirements.

Does my financial aid package increase each year as tuition and room and board increase?

Chapman institutional grant assistance does not generally increase to meet the higher costs of tuition and room and board.  However, loan eligibility will typically increase with each grade level as long as the student qualifies.  If the student has no significant change within his family situation or income, he can expect a comparable package each year provided he meets renewal eligibility requirements for each award.

What happens if I decide to live off-campus?

Students who decide to live off-campus must notify the Financial Aid Office of their change in housing.  Chapman Grant may be reduced by up to $3,000 for the year ($1,500 per semester) for a returning undergraduate who moves from on campus housing to off-campus.  New students' aid reduction may vary.  Please complete a Request for Revision online.

I'm thinking about dropping below 12 units (full-time).  How will this affect my financial aid package?

Financial aid will be pro-rated to reflect the student's adjusted tuition charges after the semester has begun.  If the student drops below half time (6 units) the student may become ineligible for Federal loans which will immediately go into the grace period for repayment, or repayment if the grace period is exhausted.  Pell Grant and Cal Grant will also be reduced if units are dropped prior to the end of the add/drop period.  Students who completely withdraw will have a Return of Title IV funds calculation processed to determine how much of their aid they may keep.

If my parents are planning on filing an extension on their taxes and will not have their actual taxes available until August or October, can I still be considered to receive financial aid, and, how should I go about completing the FAFSA?

Yes, if tax returns are not available at the time you complete your FAFSA form; you must use estimated figures to complete and submit the form by March 2nd.  Do not wait until tax returns have been filed to complete your FAFSA.  You should estimate your financial information as accurately as possible, as Verification may result in an inaccurate award.  Federal Aid will not be disbursed to the student's account until the tax transcripts has been verified by our Financial Aid Office.  Please provide the Financial Aid Office with a copy of the extension filed with the IRS.

Please Read: Schools may no longer receive Federal IRS Tax Returns as of July 15th 2012.  You must submit a Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript.

If my parents are divorced, which parent must complete the FAFSA and provide tax information?

The custodial parent is responsible for providing the tax and household information.

What if my SAR (Student Aid Report) does not have Chapman University listed as one of the schools to receive my information?

Add the Chapman University school code 001164 to your list of schools via FAFSA on the web.

Does the Business Office include Federal Work Study when calculating the amount I will owe?

No.  The bill will be determined based on the aid that will credit to the student's account.  Federal Work Study is earned through the semester from your employer and does not credit to the student's account.