» About Community and Civic Engagement

Chapman University’s campus-wide commitment to community engagement supports the University’s mission of furthering global citizenship by creating multiple pathways for reciprocal engagement between our campus and surrounding communities. Our students engage with community partners to enhance academic scholarship while helping to address critical community needs. Our faculty and staff integrate community engagement into their curriculum design and campus responsibilities. Our community partners extend the reach of their service efforts while contributing to the development and growth of our students. Together, these efforts ensure our role as an anchor institution in Orange County.

no photo available for Anat Herzog, Ph.D.

Anat Herzog, Ph.D.

Liaison for Academic Service-Learning
Please contact Anat for information about community engagement efforts within the curriculum and for questions pertaining to University policies and support for academic service-learning.
no photo available for Justin  Koppelman, Ph.D.

Justin Koppelman, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Student Engagement
Please contact Justin for information about co-curricular civic learning and democratic engagement initiatives and other opportunities to support students' civic development beyond the classroom.